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International Consultancy Network: Business, management and technology consulting

FLIN & ASSOCIATES is a global, cross-industry, non-profit consulting partner network created in 1996, representing associated trademarks and managed by multilingual experts and consultants, specialized in technology services, management consulting, legal advice, translations and administrative services.

Our associated partners love to solve problems, identify trends, develop innovative strategies and concepts, and implement them in such a way that the clients (companies of all sizes, self-employed persons, start-ups, governments, national and international institutions, public authorities and also private individuals) are successful and satisfied in the long run.

We are successful thanks to a globally operating network of legally independent experts and multilingual consultants, all of whom have a practical background and therefore know very well the problems of the clients they deal with. We are now represented in England, USA, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, China, Argentina, Venezuela and other countries in Latin America.

Our professionals offer competent and specific advice, the highest quality, efficient and result-oriented solutions, absolute reliability and 100% seriousness, as befits an international consultancy network.

FLIN.PRO (www.flin.pro) is not only our website, where we present the brands and services of our associated partners, but also a digital platform with an informative blog, an online shop with a large selection of products, a donation platform for charitable causes and much more.


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Our areas of expertise


INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY  IT and web services geared towards the future and 100% effective and results-oriented digital marketing.


BUSINESS CONSULTING Organisation, planning, goal setting, decision making, delegation, coordination, information, staff evaluation and control.


INTERIM MANAGEMENT Our Interim Managers are experts with many years of experience at all levels of management, who come to companies externally and temporarily to support specific projects quickly, efficiently and profitably.


SEARCH FOR QUALIFIED PERSONNEL Selection, evaluation and recruitment of personnel. We are looking for highly specialized staff for international companies.


APPLICATION OF FOREIGN INVESTORSWe seek and advise foreign investors who wish to invest in any autonomous community of Spain for business and / or private purposes. Our good contacts will convince you!


WORKING + LIVING ABROAD If you come from an English-speaking country and want to settle down in Spain, we are happy to assist you in dealing with authorities as well as job and apartment hunting. The same applies if you come from a Spanish-speaking country and want to start a new life in the United Kingdom or the United States.


MOTIVATION CONSULTING Our motivational coaching helps people and company employees to acquire, develop, and achieve positive and optimistic thinking.


GLOBAL LEGAL ADVICE International network of specialized lawyers with decades of experience in all fields of law. Consultancy and services for businesses and individuals.


TRANSLATION SERVICES Content creation, revision, correction, simultaneous translation, layout, subtitling, text transcription and legal translations (Spanish<>English + Spanish<>French + Spanish<>German).


COMPANY INCORPORATIONS We incorporate companies in every country of the world – starting from 1000 € – and sell already established companies (Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia …).


PATENTS + BRANDS Comprehensive range of services for everything related to brand names, patents, etc., both nationally and internationally.


ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES SPAIN English-speaking Gestoria / Asesoria / Consultoria for administrative services throughout Spain (Majorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville, Granada, Valencia, Cordoba, Ronda, Tenerife, Toledo, Santiago de Compostela, Malaga, Valencia, Bilbao, Oviedo, Gijon , Santander, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Costa Brava, Costa del Sol, Marbella, Alicante, Fuerteventura, Benidorm, Salamanca, etc.), Europe and worldwide. Urgent matters, 24-hour service, online gestoria from home, certificates of all kinds (eg social security / seguridad social, police, embassy, c​onsulate, traffic office / DGT trafico, technical car inspection / ITV, registry office / registro civil, town hall / ayuntamiento, residence certificate / empadronamiento, land registry / registro de la propiedad, criminal records / antecedentes penales, birth certificates / certificado de nacimiento, church / iglesia, notary, lawyer, etc.), company foundations, tax consultancy, accounting, real estate (purchase contracts, leases, inheritance assumptions, mortgages …), motor vehicle matters (registration and deregistration of cars, licenses and renewals and transcription of foreign licenses, etc.), Spanish data protection law and IT law, residence in Spain (NIE number, immigration, family reunification, asylum, Spanish nationality, visa, work permit, legalization of documents, Apostille of the Hague) …. and much more.

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Professionalism, Rigor and Ethics – Search of Excellence – Innovation – Proximity

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25 years working – 8493 satisfied customers – 11 languages speaking


Advanced Electronics · Aerospace & Defense · Agriculture · Automotive & Assembly · Chemicals · Consumer Packaged Goods · Education · Electric Power & Natural Gas · Engineering, Construction & Building Materials · Financial Services · Healthcare Systems & Services · Life Sciences · Metals & Mining · Oil & Gas · Paper, Forest Products & Packaging · Private Equity & Principal Investors · Public & Social Sector · Real Estate · Retail · Semiconductors · Technology, Media & Telecommunications · Travel, Logistics & Infrastructure · etc.

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