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At FLIN & ASSOCIATES we look for and advise foreign investors – mainly from Germany, Austria and Switzerland – who want to invest (and/or reside) in the Principality of Asturias or any other autonomous community in Spain.
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Good reasons to invest in Asturias

Why Asturias?


Asturias is one of the best destinations in Europe, not only for what it offers as a nature destination, but also because you can enjoy a very advantageous cost of living compared to big cities. This equates to significant savings in housing and transportation, but above all, more quality free time.


Asturias International Airport has the largest offer of international connections in its history. Asturias has an extensive railway network of some 670 kilometers, equivalent to 63 kilometers of track per thousand square kilometers of surface area, one of the highest ratios in the country.


Education in Asturias is one of the highest in Spain according to data obtained from the latest PISA report, where the data place Asturias in second position in levels of performance in global competence, 15 and 28 points above the Spanish average and OECD countries respectively.


Asturias is the autonomous community that invests the most in health spending per capita in comparison with other regional governments, the only region that exceeds 2,000 euros, outperforming the national average. And 15 cities in Asturias belong to the Spanish Network of Healthy Cities (WHO), including the main cities in the region, Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés.


Reasons to invest in Asturias


The strong support of the institutions is reflected in the numerous economic promotion programs developed in the region aimed at the industrial sector and industrial support services. In addition to direct aid for productive investment, Asturias has support programs in the areas of R&D&I, training and internationalization and has access to European aid programs.


Asturias has a highly qualified workforce and a deep-rooted industrial tradition. The University of Oviedo, with three campuses in the region, and the network of Vocational Training Centers offer companies ample opportunities for collaboration in the design and development of projects. The Asturias Entrepreneurship program and the Network of Technology Centers of Asturias promote the transformation of ideas into companies, promoting talent, innovation and creativity.


Asturias benefits from a shared innovative culture and a clear connection between the University of Oviedo, Technology Centers and business, funding sources and venture capital.


Competitive labor costs at national and European level, low employee turnover, high involvement in the company. Availability of industrial land in business parks located in the main centers of economic activity. Logistics and Industrial Activities Zone of Asturias, ZALIA, very close to the Port of Gijón and the main communication hubs. Asturias Technology Park, Gijón Science and Technology Park and Avilés Technology Park, Isla de la Innovación. Competitive rental costs for offices and industrial buildings. Public promotion spaces for advanced services companies.


Located less than a two-hour flight from Europe’s main economic and financial centers. With two ports, the Port of Gijón and the Port of Avilés, geographically located in the center of the European front, especially advantageous for international traffic between the American continent, Northern Europe and Africa. With respect to the land network, Asturias has 5,007 km of roads, of which 400 are highways and freeways, and two railroad networks that cover the main axes of the Asturian geography, connecting the region with the Meseta and the Cantabrian coast.


Its privileged climate, respect for the environment and cultural traditions, the high quality of services and the wellbeing of its cities make Asturias a true paradise to live and work in. The region offers countless leisure options combining sea and mountains, a rich cultural and artistic heritage and an internationally recognized gastronomy (8 Michelin stars 2022). The capital of Asturias, Oviedo, stands out at European level for its cleanliness and also for its public spaces. In the year 2022, Asturias broke an all-time visitor record.


Investor support – Investment analysis


General information about the region and areas of interest.


Specific information for the project: land/industrial land, potential partners, human resources, training, financing and aid, industrial property, supplies, subcontracting…


Assistance to investors during their visits to the region.


Dialogue and coordination of agendas with companies or institutions of interest to the investor.


Investor support – Implementation and development


Information on required administrative procedures.


Management of meetings with the competent administrations.


Specialized advice for the application for regional, national and international grants and subsidies.


Promotion of business participation and European programs.


Intermediation with the sectorial environment, clusters and business support entities and R&D&I infrastructures available in the region.


Advice on the design and financing of training programs for the incorporation of companies to information and communication technologies.


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Invest in Asturias

Together with the Agency for Science, Business Competitiveness and Innovation of the Principality of Asturias, SEKUENS, we offer personalized attention and technical-financial assistance for the generation of new projects in Asturias. Contact us!

Good reasons to invest in Spain


Now is the time to invest


The beginning of growth and at the same time the progressive increase in activity in recent years is a proven fact that adds to the possibility for foreign investors to acquire opportunities at better prices than when the consolidation process culminates. This is a reality that for several years has been forging ahead of the negative factors related mainly to the labor market. However, the growth and strengthening of the positive factors that we will review in this article is a reality that has led Spain to a situation of overall improvement in market confidence.


Quality of life


Spain is the first country in Europe in terms of quality of life for foreigners living in our country and the third worldwide. Modern and high quality healthcare system, stable and rigorous framework for business and citizenship, rich historical and cultural heritage and a unique gastronomy of international renown. Among the main attractions for property investors in Spain is undoubtedly the landscape with about 8,000 km of coastline and beautiful beaches and the excellent climate with more than 300 days of sunshine a year that make Spain the best Mediterranean climate in Europe. It is not surprising that Spanish life expectancy is the fifth highest in Europe and 7th in the world.


Competitive salaries


Wage competitiveness is also a verifiable fact when, for example, we approach the reaffirmation of the automotive giants in betting on manufacturing in our country. This gives us the real measure of the increase in competitiveness which, among other factors, derives from real wage moderation. While in Europe, unit labor costs have risen by around 10% in recent years, in Spain they have fallen, which means that the labor force is between 25% and 30% cheaper than the Eurozone average.


Margin for Improvement


Internationally, Europe continues to be considered by the entire business community as a serious and safe long-term bet, and as an attractive destination for global investment in the coming years. Within this vision, Spain appears as one of the countries with the greatest margin for improvement in projection, which would be reflected in the possibility of accessing investments under better conditions and at better prices, which, all indications are that they are continuing their consolidation process over time.


Favorable environment for the creation of companies


Setting up a company in Spain is a simple process, which requires some time and knowledge, but is within the reach of anyone with sufficient means. The business models follow the line marked in the OECD countries as a whole, with the variable of being able to access differentiated possibilities that respond to different needs, that is, with a broad panorama of corporate options capable of assuming very different business models. To this we must add an area in which the liberalization of foreign investment and exchange control is very broad, following EU regulations.


Market confidence


Even during complex political processes such as periods of peace before the creation of a new government, market confidence is more than reasonably sustained in Spain. This is nothing new, movements made in recent years such as the purchase of debt in the secondary market by the ECB together with federal movements at the European level such as the defense of the euro, also had an impact on the Spanish economy which, far from the tremendously high risk premium of only four or five years ago, remains stable, with interest on debt payments reduced and, solid in terms of the confidence recovered in general by investors.


Favorable legislation on patents and trademarks


Spain has a modern and modern legislation regarding patents, trademarks and industrial designs. Spain is, for example, the second country in the world with the most renewable energy patents per capita, ahead even of economies such as the United States, and in some areas of that we are world leaders in terms of receiving technology patents, as is the case in innovation in the field of solar energy. This favoring of patents and trademarks makes Spain a more than attractive destination for technological investment, and in general for a faster and more efficient (and cheaper) processing of both processes.


An open market economy with a global presence


In less than 20 years, the foreign sector of the Spanish economy has doubled as a percentage of GDP. Whereas before the turn of the century, the foreign business activity of Spanish companies barely represented 35% of GDP, in recent years this percentage has risen to over 60%. The presence of Spanish companies in all areas of the international economy speaks of an open market economy, with a broad global presence that places the country as an attractive and solid economic power.


A real estate sector that has become a great opportunity


The reactivation of the Spanish real estate sector, after the period of crisis and the so-called real estate bubble, is a reality. However, housing prices are far from what they once represented, and still far from what they are expected to grow. This variable, which is very easy to interpret, makes real estate investment in Spain tremendously attractive for foreign investors wishing to acquire homes at very competitive prices, with a high growth potential in the coming years. The importance of the real estate sector in Spain has been capital, and continues to be fundamental, therefore, we are facing a sector full of opportunities in the right direction for foreign investors.


Excellent geographical location


In the world of the globalized economy, there is no doubt that location plays an important role in investment decisions. Spain, at this level, is one of the best destinations due to its privileged geographical location for international business, not only because it belongs to the EU, but also because it represents a fundamental point of contact with South America and at the same time a gateway to the African continent, in addition to direct connections with Europe. The ports of Algeciras, Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona are among Europe’s leading ports in terms of maritime traffic.


Excellent infrastructure and communications network


The extensive network of roads and railroads, as well as the number and location of ports and airports, provide Spain with an exceptional communication network that favors both trade and tourism. The high-speed rail network is the leader in Europe with some 3,000 kilometers of track, being a reference model worldwide. To this must be added the efficient and renewed transport network in the major cities.


Great tourist and cultural power


Nearly 80 million tourists visit Spain every year. This not only becomes an important economic engine, with tens of billions of euros in revenues, but also generates enormous prestige thanks to the cultural and touristic power that the country represents.

If you want to invest in Spain, take advantage of our 20 years of experience in advising companies internationally!


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  • Strategic Advice:
    • Definition of business opportunities.
    • Customised reports according to the client’s needs.
    • Advice on applicable subsidies and incentives.
    • Advice on location.
    • Advice on regional-local localisation in accordance with the client’s needs.
    • Information on administrative procedures.
    • Legal and Intellectual Property advice.


  • Acceleration of the implementation process:
    • Search for office and industrial space.
    • Foundation of the company in Spain.
    • Presentation of professional services companies in Spain according to the client’s needs.
    • Advice on aspects related to visas, accommodation and recruitment services.


  • Accompaniment with and through Public Administrations:
    • Intermediation with the industrial, regulatory/planning and financing bodies of the Public Administrations.
    • Intermediation with the local authorities: taxes and real estate solutions.
    • Local advice: taxation and real estate solutions.
    • Liaison with banks, financial institutions and other private sector service providers.

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    Invest money and get an immediate residence permit in Spain

    The details


    The Spanish government has realised the widespread interest of foreigners in investing in the country, so a couple of years ago it decided to create a series of incentives to keep them even more motivated and interested in using their savings to buy residential property that they can use as a second home, that they can rent out and generate income in euros or simply a home that they can visit during holiday periods and save money that was previously spent on hotels and inns.


    One such incentive is undoubtedly the permit to reside in Spain after purchasing a property costing 500,000 euros or more. Spain’s entrepreneurship law announced in 2013 has facilitated residence permits through a new formula whose main objective is to attract foreign investment and talent through a procedure that promises to be fast, effective and agile.


    Non-Europeans who intend to enter Spain to make a significant capital investment, i.e. over 500,000 euros, will be able to apply for a one-year residence visa, which can be extended every five years if they make a purchase of half a million euros or more per applicant in real estate, which must be free of encumbrances.


    Similarly, the country has decreed that this permit will also be granted to those who have bought public debt for a value of two million euros or those who buy shares in Spanish companies for more than one million.


    This residence permit, as mentioned above, is renewable, for which it is sufficient to visit Spain at least once a year, prove to the government that the applicant continues to be the owner and that he/she is current with the payment of the corresponding taxes. According to specialists in the field, the holder of this permit can maintain his tax residence outside Spain unless he stays more than 183 days a year in Spain.



    Requirements to apply for the residence permit for investment


    1.) Not to be in Spain illegally.


    2.) Be over 18 years of age.


    3.) Not have any criminal record in Spain and in the countries in which they have resided during the last five years, for crimes provided for in the Spanish legal system.


    4.) Not to be listed as rejectable in the territorial space of those countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in this regard.


    5.) Have in force a public insurance or a private health insurance that has been acquired with an insurance company that is authorised to operate in Spain.


    6.) Demonstrate that they have sufficient economic resources for themselves and their family members during the period of residence in Spain.


    7.) Pay the fee for processing the authorisation or visa.


    8.) Hold a valid residence visa for investors or be within ninety calendar days of the expiry of that visa.


    9.) Have travelled to the country at least once during the authorised period of residence.


    10.) Demonstrate that the investor owns the real estate property or properties for a minimum amount of 500,000 euros. For this purpose, the certificate(s) of ownership from the Land Registry corresponding to the property or properties must be provided and must be dated within 90 days prior to the submission of the application.


    11.) Comply with social security and tax obligations.


    It is estimated that on average the Spanish government currently grants a daily residence permit to foreigners who have invested a total of 500,000 euros or more in real estate or housing.



    The law on entrepreneurs also provides other options for foreigners to obtain such a residence permit:


    1.) An initial investment for a value equal to or greater than 2 million euros in Spanish public debt securities, for a value equal to or greater than one million euros in shares or stock in Spanish companies, or bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions.


    2.) To have a business project to be developed in the country and which is considered and accredited as being of general interest, for which the fulfilment of at least one of the following conditions will be assessed:


    a) Creation of jobs for Spaniards.


    b) Making an investment with a significant socio-economic impact in the geographical area in which the activity is to be carried out.


    c) Relevant contribution to technological or scientific innovation.


    Our basic priorities when providing services and developing value-added products for foreign investors are quality, efficiency and professionalism. Therefore, in our working philosophy these are indispensable requirements:


    * transparency

    * confidentiality

    * neutrality

    * objectivity in management

    * personalisation of services