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Cyberthreats are growing all over the world and more and more ... get ahead! ... with innovative cyber security services from FLIN & ASSOCIATES that will help you grow knowing your data is safe!

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For some years now, we have been hearing in the press that companies must pay special attention to cyber security, as more and more businesses, from large to small, have suffered some type of attack.


At FLIN Y ASOCIADOS  we offer cybersecurity services, advice, consulting and implementation of services, always with one premise: to meet the needs of our customers and working closely.


We identify – Protect – Detect – Respond – Recover




Services that we offer to our clients:


Security Audit, Security Services, IT and Ethical Hacking


Mobile Applications Audit


Web Audit – OWASP Web Security Audit


Hardware hacking and reverse engineering service


System bastioning (hardening)


Bug Bounty – Tarlogic Managed Vulnerability Rewards


PCI DSS security audit


Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Intrusion


Source code audit (html, php, css, js, etc.)


If you need another service, please ask!




Do not ignore it! Take care of your cyber security!



FLIN & ASOCIADOS  helps companies and professionals to prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover at all points in the security life cycle.


Every organization and every business sector has its own cyber security issues. Taking advantage of our global resources and the most advanced technologies, we create integrated solutions adapted to your needs throughout your value chain.


Whether you want to defend yourself against known cyber attacks, try to respond to the unknown, or have to manage a security operations center, at we are here to help you build cyber resilience and grow with confidence.


Thank you very much!

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