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What we offer

FLIN & ASSOCIATES  helps companies find the right people for their business needs in a fast, efficient and profitable way. Whether you are a multinational, SME or a small company, we can help you with your permanent, temporary and interim vacancies, in the commercial, technical or financial areas.


We offer you training-based advice and ensure that each person we introduce to you not only meets your requirements, but is also able to start working and add value from day one.


We look forward to using our market and industry knowledge to find the best people for your company.

What is an Interim Manager?

An Interim Manager identifies professionals with extensive experience in management and administration who join a company externally to carry out a very specific executive mission for a given period of time and with previously defined objectives.


Our specialists in Interim Management have the necessary leadership and management skills to solve complex business situations during periods of crisis, transformation or change in the company, as well as to ensure business stability and continuity. Incorporation takes place quickly, highlighting flexibility and goal-oriented results from day one with great motivation.


In which situation would it be suitable to hire Interim Management?

Temporary replacement of a managerial position
  • Termination/Remission
  • Temporary leave
  • Awaiting definitive incorporation


Managing significant organizational change
  • Intervention after a purchase or merger due diligence
  • Restructuring of business areas/departments/units
  • Professionalization of the family council
  • Preparation of business succession (generational)
  • Management of the Acquisition process of a new company
  • Implementation of Cost Reduction Plans
  • Implementation of a new production line
  • ERP / SOX / ISO / Fiscal implementation
  • Management of the company’s sales process
  • Management of the company’s merger process
  • Development of management skills to cope with change


Development of new business or new markets
  • Entering international markets
  • Elaboration and implementation of strategic plans
  • Development of new business models
  • Development of new market niches
  • Launch of new product lines (diversification)


Startup consolidation and professionalization
  • Piloting of startups, spin offs, DBT’s in periods of maturity

What are the advantages of hiring an Interim Manager?

Interim Management implies the incorporation of professionals with extensive experience in a specific mission to be carried out that the company has considered strategic and that requires maximum dedication, experience and knowledge.


The Interim Manager is only hired for the duration of the project, which implies a variable cost for the company.


Complement of the company´s current management team, which implies increasing the value of the team, with the possibility of a mentoring effort.


Work by objectives that implies a great productivity, commitment and involvement by the person who performs the tasks of an Interim Manager.


Great speed in the implementation and flexibility given the specific experience of the professional.


Greater objectivity in the performance of managerial work as they possess an external vision of the company.

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