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Urgent procedures and online administrative services

In FLIN & ASSOCIATES  we are your business agency and online reliable consultancy for fast procedures throughout Spain, Europe and worldwide. We can go to your home, workplace or business headquarters. We help you with your administrative procedures, giving you detailed information about the procedures, documents that you must provide, legal deadlines, organizations in charge of their management, etc. From the simplest and most routine administrative tasks to the most technical and elaborate ones: all are given the same attention. Check out all our administrative services at the very bottom of this page!

Here are some of the services we provide as an online consultant

We help you with your administrative procedures, giving you detailed information about the procedures, documents that you must provide, legal deadlines, organizations in charge of their management, etc. From the simplest and most routine administrative tasks to the most technical and elaborate: all are given the same attention.


Virtual Offices: Your business or private address anywhere in Spain, Europe or the World, without having to have a house, premises, an office or property in that place.


Foreigners: Residence and work permits for non-EU and EU citizens, obtaining a Foreigners’ Identity Number, Spanish ID card and passport, obtaining nationality, visas, asylum and refugee status, family reunification, agreements, taxation, recognition of qualifications…


Traffic: Registration (Registration of all types of vehicles, Registration of special vehicles, Import of vehicles, Registration of tourist plates, Registration of green plates, Request for new registration); Removal and rehabilitation of vehicles (Permanent Removal, Removal Plan Prever / Pive, Temporary Removal, Rehabilitation of vehicles, Registration of a vehicle given temporary removal); Transfers (Transfer of all types of vehicles, Transfer with re-registration, Transfer by inheritance, Transfer by separation); Duplicate and modification of vehicle documents (Duplicate of the Vehicle Registration Certificate: For theft, for change of address, for change of frame, for reform, for change of use of vehicle, for legalization of towing); Driving license (Renewal of Driving license, Duplicate of Driving license, Change of address of Driving license, Issuance of National and International Driving license, Exchange of Driving license); Payment of Fees; Ownership Report; Leasing; Tax Payment (Form 620 at the Tax Office, Municipal Traffic Tax at the Town Hall…); Transport Card (visa and issue); Collection of documentation in Traffic; Comparison of documentation… and much more.


ITV: Appointments, Import and Export of Vehicles, Files, Change of Service (Private – Taxi – Rental without/with driver…).


Social Security: Registration of companies and self-employed, registrations and cancellations, etc.


Civil: Obligations and contracts (legislation, case law, models and explanatory manual on obligations and contracts), inheritance (legislation, case law, models and practical guide on inheritance), rights in rem (legislation and legal regime of rights in rem), personal rights (legislation and legal regime of personal rights).


Processing of mortgage files: Purchase and sale, constitution and cancellation of mortgage, declaration of new work, divisions in horizontal property…


Notarial documents: Advice and management of deeds, successions, donations…


Taxes: Corporate tax, VAT, withholding taxes, special taxes, income, wealth, inheritance, non-residents


Labor: Employment contracts, dismissals, absences and sanctions, work schedules and work calendars, payroll, contribution documents, treasury, subsidies, registration of companies and self-employed, registrations and cancellations in the Social Security …


Documentary Management: Physical administration of archives in general, administration of archives of work histories, administration of archives of clinical histories, consultancy in documentary management, diagnostics in documentary management, designs of programs of documentary management, elaboration of tables of documentary retention, archival training, custody and conservation of archives, administration of correspondence in general, digitalization of archives, photocopying, filling.


Business Consulting: We offer business administration for all economic sectors. The services are developed in four main areas: Organization, IT, Marketing and Human Resources. We are formed by a young and dynamic team of internal and external experts, who with their creativity and motivation constantly seek the most suitable alternatives and solutions for the clients. All consultants are engineers with various specialties, economists or have other professional qualifications. Companies and/or organizations that are thinking about how to improve the profitability of their business, how to be more competitive, remodel their hotel or restaurant, launch a new service and/or product, train/retrain their staff or even seek financing for these or other projects, can without any commitment state what their desire or need is. Once the company or organization approves the work plan and the budget for the intervention, the team of experts of FLIN & ASSOCIATES starts to collect and analyze the necessary information to propose, develop and implement the solution in question, whether it is to train the staff, design a new construction project, make a quality plan, etc.


Foreign trade: Consulting in foreign trade, Integral management of exports and imports, Planning and coordination of promotion activities, Banking management, Hiring and monitoring of logistics services, Hiring and management of insurance.


Creation of Companies: We help you to incorporate your own company, taking care of all the bureaucratic steps, up until the signature at the notary’s office. You can choose between new companies, already incorporated companies and new company limited companies. But we also domicile your company, if you wish, at our address.


Data Protection: We adapt your company to the Data Protection Law so that your information is safe and complies with the LOPD.


Other Services: All types of correspondence; Invoicing (through your delivery notes, price lists, or catalogue, we proceed to invoice your clients for your materials, your services, your hours, etc…. In order not to lose agility, if you provide us the necessary documentation, we will send the delivery note or corresponding invoice via email within five hours); Translation of documents (Letters, price lists, brochures, forms, etc. – All languages); Creation and translation of application documents (Curriculum vitae, writing, certificates, references and other documents); Optimization of patents, brands and intellectual property; Market studies; Special management for foreign companies that want to open in Spain; Permits to open businesses; Advice and processing of deeds of purchase of properties. Registration in the property register. Management in the cadastre; Application of licenses of major and minor work; firearm licenses and licenses for hunting and fishing; Constitution of Corporations and political parties; Cancellation of Police Record; Complaints and Suggestions; Compensation and Aids; Employment exchange; Divorces and Separations.


For any information or doubt, free to contact us!


Thank you very much for your trust.