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Cloud computing services are changing the way professionals, businesses and public institutions use information technology (IT).


 Today, cloud services are available to meet virtually every IT need. Although there are a wide variety of cloud services, they all have certain basic features and benefits in common, and they can all be classified into a few types of cloud services.




What Are the Features of Cloud Computing?




All resources offered by Cloud Computing as a service can be automatically provisioned on demand.


That is to say: at the moment a user needs some resource, he can have it available.




Resources can automatically grow or shrink.


In other words: we only consume what we need, and only those services that are consumed are billed. Thus, the cost/consumption of resources can be optimized.


Measurement Capacity


As we start using resources in a low demand and elastic consumption model, we need the Cloud Computing system to help us measure it.


That is why a Cloud Computing system has the ability to know how many resources, under what circumstances and for how long they are being consumed.


Pay per Use


Thanks to the measurement capacity of a Cloud Computing system we can obtain the pricing information of the service costs. This is the model known as pay-per-use.


Quality of Service


The cloud service not only allows us to dynamically provision resources and measure their consumption, but also guarantees quality of service (QoS) levels.


In this way, it ensures that the availability and efficiency of the resource is met correctly according to certain percentages, which can be measured.

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