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What is a hosting? What is a server? With you can enjoy a safe and economic hosting or also a quality server with a very good performance.

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Web hosting? Dedicated server?


What exactly is that? This is a common question among users of the World Wide Web (www). Not surprisingly, although it is an essential element of web pages, not many are familiar with this concept.


HOSTING (“shared web hosting”), is the physical space you rent in a server where you can save and manage all the information of your page (files, databases, emails) and that allows your web to be visible on the Internet.


A dedicated SERVER is one whose exclusive use is by a single client. In other words, it does not share resources with other people or companies, since it uses an entire server, so performance is not affected by web traffic, as can happen with shared hosting, and it also has a higher level of security.


While shared hosting could be like renting an apartment, the dedicated server could be like renting your own house, since you would be renting the whole property.




Our web hosting packages:


(in most cases these include a domain name, email accounts, databases, FTP access and a SSL certificate)

Shared hosting

For dynamic websites

100 GB of Storage

Up to 2.5 GB RAM

From 10 Є/$ per month
Packs de Hosting de Flin y Asociados

Managed server

For demanding websites

1000 GB of Storage

Up to 12 GB RAM

From 30 Є/$ per month
Packs de Servidores gestionados de Flin y Asociados

Dedicated server

For large websites

1000 GB of Storage

Up to 16 GB RAM

From 60 Є/$ per month
Flin y Asociados - Hosting

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