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The consequences of the crisis in Spain


One of the consequences of the crisis, and which will also have a very negative impact in the medium and long term, has been the emigration of qualified staff to other communities (Madrid, Catalonia, Balearic Islands…) or countries (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Belgium…).


In this regard, we find ourselves facing a double loss:


On the one hand, an investment in education has been made that will not be returned in the form of the labor force. On the other hand, it discourages companies from establishing themselves here, as they see how by staying in their home country, they can already attract talented workforce. Therefore, the situation is serious.


One of the challenges that must be faced by the Spanish economy is to be able to retained this talented young workforce who, faced with limited growth possibilities here, decide to go abroad. But how to achieve this?


In order to have qualified people that choose them, companies must generate a series of measures that discourage young people from leaving. Among these elements we have:




Professional development


Someone who has been training himself/herself, once he/she is in the job market, seeks for stability and security. If he/she works according to the stipulations and contributes to the company´s innovation, then he/she will be able to assume more responsibilities in time. For this reason, they must be allowed to participate in the decision-making process and their contributions and proposals must be taken into consideration.



Good payment


This is one of the main reasons why qualified staff leave and, once established outside, do not want to return. The minimum and average wage in southern Europe countries is generally much lower than in the northern countries. This is true at all levels, even in the most qualified industries. A qualified welder with Asturian origins is not going to return home if in Germany (or wherever) he/she earns twice or three times what would be earned in Asturias. It would only make sense that he/she stays living and working abroad.



Availability of resources to carry out the work


The conditions under which the work is done are also important, and can be as valuable or even more so than the salary itself. For people concerned with innovation, having the tools and resources to be able to work properly and develop their ideas is very important because this also allows them to develop their full potential.



Being aware of new innovations


Companies must be aware of new developments in the industry and incorporate them into their processes. Only in this way will the most qualified people be willing to work there, whether in Asturias or any other autonomous community in Spain.



Putting emphasis on more emotional aspects


Leaving the community or country where you have lived is often not easy. If done, it´s often because the change for the better is really important or the situation in the place of origin is really bad. Therefore, when faced with very similar offers, being able to remain in familiar environment is an asset to considerate.

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