10 effective tips to improve your web positioning


Currently the volume of content on the Internet is high and is growing exponentially every year. It´s a little difficult to stand out among all this immense amount of information.

In this article we show you ten elements that you should work on to significantly improve your SEO positioning and thus, have your web among the first search results in Google or other web search engines such as Bing and Yahoo.

Here are 10 best effective tips to improve the positioning of your website and get visitors as well as profit.

1. Generate original content

You must take into account that Google will penalize all the contents inserted if they exceed 20% of plagiarism. If your website has several duplicate contents, Google will penalize them the second they are published.

There are sites that analyze this percentage, so I suggest that you filter the content before publishing it.

2. Increase the time of visit

Google uses the time spent on websites to know which pages are the best. It will detect if users spend a lot of time on your website and, consequently, will improve your position in the rankings.

You must make sure that your website is optimized. Be careful and create quality content, enrich it by including graphic resources such as images and videos to make the user stop and increase their time of visit or stay.

3. Make it easier to share content on Social Networks

The more content is shared in Social Networks, the faster your SEO positioning will improve. It includes buttons that make it easy for the user to share what they have read. It is a fact that most of us share what we found interesting, useful or curious, so it is important that you include it.

You can also send links to those people you know might like the content, either by mail or a private message. As a plus you can enable the option to share your content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.; it greatly improves your ranking in the search engine.

4. Plan and choose your keywords carefully

In order to position yourself favorably, use keywords that are present in many parts of your website. You can use them in titles, subtitles, in any part of the text, in the meta-description, in the names or descriptions of the images in the url, etc. Ideally these words should be repeated 0.5% throughout the text. The question to choose should be closely related to your subject and have a higher search volume. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner can help you choose the most suitable one.

5. Use subtitles and mentions

They are two very different things but very easy to apply. The first thing will be the subtitles, which will make it much easier for users to read and not leave our website when they see that there is a lot of text. To do this, rely on the subtitles, bold, italics, line spacing, graphic resources such as photographs, etc. This will ensure that it is easy to scan and quick to read.

On the other hand, you can use mentions to gain visibility. You must be selective when referencing them, since in a way you are recommending them. Try to make sure they are professionals in your sector and well related.

6. Create valuable content

This point is fundamental for your SEO positioning. If you want your numbers to grow you´ll need users interacting with your content, share it and comment on it; otherwise Google will understand that it is not good content and will not position you. For this reason, initiatives such as the creation of a blog are important; with a blog you can easily generate valuable content, position your brand and make yourself known.

7. Timeless content

You must create timeless content, since breaking news or current events, despite receiving many visits at first, quickly become obsolete and end up being worthless content.

On the other hand, if you make rankings or tops, you must be aware of updates. The market is constantly renewing itself and our lists must do the same.

8. Include videos from YouTube or Vimeo

In item 2 we recommended you to add videos to your web pages, but you must take into account that it´s not recommended to upload the videos directly to your pages because it ends up slowing down the operation, the loading speed and the storage space. The most logical thing to do is to use a platform to link the videos, you can choose YouTube because as it is from Google it will automatically improve your positioning or Vimeo because it currently enjoys a lot of popularity and acceptance.

9. Your website must be responsive

You may not be familiar with the term, but the meaning is quite simple. Responsive means that your website can be adapted to any device, whether it is a PC, cell phone, tablet, e-book, TV, etc. To ensure that it is, analyze the template and elements of your website so that they do not look too small or too large, that the photos do not take up the whole screen of the device and that the letters are the right size and do not need to be zoomed in to read them. Google indicates this requirement as one of the most important to position yourself favorably.

10. Your website’s loading speed

Several factors influence this point, from the technology you have used, the template or design elements to the hosting you selected to publish your website. Analyze each one of the factors that can affect your loading speed and look for a solution or optimize as much as possible until you achieve adequate times. The weight of the images is often a factor that will influence the slow loading of the website. Try to keep them light and maintain good quality. Observe how long it takes to load your website and if it takes more than 6 seconds, analyze the factors that affect it and optimize it as much as possible.

Google constantly includes improvements in its search engine algorithms and frequently takes into account other elements for good positioning. However, these points that we have recommended are essential and by putting them into practice you will achieve notable results.

Don’t wait another day, put these tips into action to earn income with your website and get visitors!

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