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3, 2, 1 – Go!

1. Party accessories.

Nothing better than starting with a party! Every party has an honoree: a birthday boy or girl, an engaged couple, a reunion of former high school classmates, a company endofyear party. And each of them has a different style, we are talking about that personal touch that should be reflected in the party. With this idea, you offer all the necessary elements for a fun and distinctive party, such as: the cotillion, elements for games, ornaments for the decoration of the hall. Tip: respond to different ages, motives, themes, cultures.

2. Themed accessories.

Lets celebrate! Think about the different celebrations throughout the year, as well as the different festivities in each culture. With this idea you can offer traditional accessories, ornaments or gifts. From Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, All Saints Day, Valentines Day, or other popular festivities representative of each country or collectivities that reside in yours, require elements that make that festivity an unforgettable day.

3. Therapeutic companion.

The vocation to help others. If you take great pleasure in helping others, this idea will appeal to you. The service will consist of accompanying children, adults or people with disabilities, who are hospitalised, undergoing outpatient treatment or require special care in their own homes. Tip: integrate interdisciplinary teams.

4. Artists agency.

Fame has a cost. Do you like show business? Select and build a database of variety artists. Keep up to date on talent wanted for music clips, films, TV shows, corporate events and more. Send a list to producers, artist representatives, wellknown actors, or actors who own schools. Tip: dont rule out underground or noncommercial shows.

5. Babys trousseau.

The longawaited moment! There are so many details to take care of at the moment of the birth of a baby and you can offer a service that helps the family and brings an even bigger smile to the parents faces. The service offers a personalised kit for the baby, with everything he/she needs for a happy welcome: bottle, dummy, bibs, bibs, baby perfumery, sheets, etc. Fact: Each item can bear the initials of the newborn and be presented in a personalised box.

6. Pet trousseau.

The best friend! Our pets also deserve a warm welcome home. This idea consists of offering customers a kit with accessories: the typical ones and some very original ones. Imagine your customer (and their pet) receiving a basket with: a collar, a little dish, toys, blanket, buckles or hair ribbons, shampoo, soaps, etc. Happy both of you!

7. Real estate analyst.

Clinical eye before buying. An expert with a clinical eye helps a buyer when purchasing a house. The expert will see the invisible damp patches behind the paintwork, the evaluation of the electrical and gas installations, etc. The real estate analyst makes a survey of the general condition of the property and a written report which he gives to the buyer and eventually to the seller; this is very useful at the time of negotiations.

8. Antiques and collections.

Finding treasures. What for some people is old and goes into the attic, for others are precious treasures. Many items (furniture, sculptures, dolls, coins, clothes, books, etc.) acquire great value over the years and this can become a business. First: you should look for these unique pieces. Second: offer them to collectors, decorators, museums and private individuals who would like to have these treasures among their belongings.

9. Beekeeping.

A very sweet idea. Honey production is an excellent opportunity for countries like Argentina, whose honey is very well received abroad, according to export statistics. If you are seduced by this idea and you have the space, you should investigate the statistics in your city or country and see if the conditions are right for a beekeeping enterprise.

10. Floral arrangements.

An idea that smells great. Flowers are an exquisite detail. Wherever you see them, they are not there: they stand out. With this idea, you can put together different floral arrangements to suit each client and each event: from flowers to decorate the church, the brides bouquet, centrepieces for restaurants and hotels, original bouquets for special moments and special people, to arrangements with the honorees favourite flowers. Idea: arrangements with dried flowers or exotic flowers.

11. Graphic art: for advertising.

Images that sell. As the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words“, you can create images that will help your clients sell much more. The idea is that you design graphics: logos, drawings, why not caricatures, all kinds of images that make advertising ads more attractive to consumers. Tip: contact those who advertise in print media and you can add value to their ads.

12. Graphic art: for online advertising.

Images that sell to the world. In a context such as the Internet, the value of the image is greater, if we do not capture the attention of the surfer, he/she simply leaves or disconnects. You can design graphics for those businesses, professionals and small companies that advertise on websites. The images you design will be according to your client but above all, they will respect the characteristics of the contextInternet, as there are heavy images that hinder the loading of the pages. Tip: browse the sites, see what kind of advertisements your potential clients make and contact them to offer your services.

13. Graphic art for websites.

Images that catch the surfers eye. Remember the different graphics that are part of a web site: the site logo, buttons, icons, lines, bullets, photos, drawings, etc. If you want to realise this idea, consider this interesting market. The language of the Internet, the communication of the message with surfers through this powerful medium has its own codes, different from communication through other media. Tip: contact the webmasters or directors of the sites.

14. Image consulting.

Details to watch. In a world where image predominates over other aspects (although it doesnt mean that we dont value them), the services of an image consultant are welcome. Finding a style that suits the person, their physique, their activities, constitutes the service. Fact: executives or people working in show business or the media are strong potentials.

15. Career counselling.

Which direction to take? Potentials: those who have finished their studies sometimes do not know what to do with their degree, those who have been displaced from companies and cannot find a way to reenter the labour market, those who decide to end a working stage and dedicate themselves to what they have always dreamed of. All of them need career counselling. A professional who can guide them on what to do, where to go and how to achieve it, analysing the training, experience and skills of each person.

16. Counselling for students and their parents.

The school for our children. Choosing the school for our children is a difficult choice and you, with this idea, can provide the necessary information for parents to make the best decision. It consists of having enough information about public schools: location, study plans, teaching staff, management, methodologies, extracurricular activities, community participation projects, job opportunities, economic investment, etc.; and adapting the proposal to the needs of the student and his or her family.

17. Counselling for foreigners.

A new homeland. This advice offers great benefits for those who are thinking of settling, eventually or permanently, in our country of origin, for example: executives. The idea is to send information by email, by fax, evacuate doubts by telephone, about inherent subjects: procedures, documentation, housing, school or university, medical services, transport, personal assistants, domestic staff, etc.

18. Advice for those who wish to emigrate.

Away from home. Even for people who want to emigrate, it is often a cumbersome task to prepare. What are the necessary documentation requirements? With my profession, what are my chances of entering the market in that country? Where do I settle when I arrive? How do my children fit into the education system? How do I get around in the country? What are the customs? How do I contact the embassy? How can the embassy help me? The difficult is made easy with a counsellor to answer these and other questions.

19. Scholarship advice.

Learning in another country! Many students and university graduates seek to further their education abroad by accessing scholarships. This business idea proposes setting up an information centre for the scholarship holder, from home: the scholarships offered in the world, the programmes, the general characteristics of the scholarship, the conditions that must be met, the procedures and documentation, centres or foundations that provide information on scholarships, etc.

20. Advice on the environment.

Raising awareness. Little by little, we learn to take care of our home: everyones home. With this business idea you advise on ecology and the environment in order to raise awareness among the younger generation through workshops in schools for pupils and also for teachers. Alternative: business consultancy.

21. Visual aids for speakers.

I see, I see. How pleasant and understandable is a seminar with attractive images that illustrate a concept! Teachers, lecturers, company trainers, among other professionals, need visual aids to accompany their presentations. Professionally designed slides or transparencies mark a differential advantage for the speaker.

22. Bank of famous biographies.

The story of your life. There are so many historical figures who inspire the lives of many people that their works are mentioned daily on television, on the radio and in magazines. To build up a bank of famous biographies: Plato, Freud, Disney, San Martin, Sarmiento, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Einstein, etc. would be enriching in itself and for the possibility of nourishing the aforementioned media. Fact: websites oriented to history, philosophy and education in general.

23. Bank of celebrated biographies Famous?

The story they never told you. There are other celebrities who deserve to have their own biography and also inspire the lives of many of us. How about: Mickey Mouse? or Donald? what about Little Red Riding Hoods biography? This fun business idea consists of building a bank of real or fictional biographies, compiled and/or written by you. Stories of already established characters or some that you can think of. Fact: the humour and childrens market is quite wide, and this service will be 100% useful for them.

24. Image bank.

You look good. All kinds of images enter our eyes: from television commercials, magazine and newspaper photos, book illustrations, school textbook graphics, city posters, restaurant menus, flyers handed out at every step we take Assemble an assortment bank to become a comprehensive source of images.

25. Beauty: Cosmetology.

Baby skin. Today the idea of personal care has come to the forefront. Expert advice on how to take care of yourself, know your skin type, which products are suitable, how to maintain a young and healthy face, will be your job, if you decide to realise this business idea.

26. Beauty: Stylist.

With the hair standing on end! This is what we all want to avoid, that work, traffic, routine make our hair stand on end. The hairdressing service usually demands time from us that we dont have. Ideas: Look to differentiate yourself by offering flexible hours to assist your clients in their homes, or in prescheduled appointments to attend to them individually, without the need to be waiting for hours.

27. Beauty: Stylist for pets.

My owners look! A good stylist is someone who knows how to give everyone all kinds of haircuts and hairstyles? A pets life requires as many products and services as its owner. Styling is one of many. It is an interesting market if you qualify in experience and? like working with animals.

28. Beauty: Manicure.

The magic hands. Hand care is a task that requires detail and being detailoriented takes time, which is always more when we do it ourselves. Idea: you can offer this service, with prearranged appointments at your home, or go to your clients homes. Other ideas: freelance, independent, in beauty salons or hairdressing salons. Remember the potential market of men, who are as or more flirtatious than women.

29. Beauty: Artistic and theatrical makeup.

The face of fiction. What an art to draw the face of the character on the face of the actor! Find your market in: television channels, open and cable, cultural centres, recreational centres, etc. This highly specialised and qualified service, with low fees, can be required in underground type plays, less commercial. Other ideas: for endofyear school plays, for costume parties.

30. Beauty: Chiropody.

On your feet! The task of grooming ones own feet is not a very pleasant one. In other cases, it requires the help of an expert with sterilised and properly prepared materials for foot care. Clients come to your office, if you have space in your home. Or you can work at their place and provide home care: the elderly, the sick or people who prefer this modality. Idea: freelance in beauty salons.

31. Beauty: Spa for pets.

A day for selfcare! If you love animals as much as the pet stylist, try the pet grooming centre. Do you have space at home? Then present a comprehensive service: manicure/pedicure, bath, relaxing bath, blow dry; (you can also include grooming) where your clients will find everything to get their pets ready for a show.

32. Universal librarian.

Im looking for a book by In many libraries the search service is automated. If you want a book, you search for it on PCs and if it is there, then you request it. But nothing compares to the service of the librarian in person who guides and advises you. The idea of a universal librarian is: to put together a big catalogue with the books available in virtual libraries, and that the librarian also gives guidance, answers questions about books, so the librarian should be trained accordingly.

33. Searching for information on the Internet.

A needle in a haystack! It is true that you can find that information on the Internet, even the most unusual and difficult to find information. But: 1) you have to know how to search and 2) you have to have time to surf the web. With this business idea, you carry out searches on demand for: students, executives, assistants, journalists, documentalists, etc.

34. Search for human resources.

Human resources with resources. Many companies request personnel from third parties: human resources agencies or consultancies. You can carry out searches for small and mediumsized companies. Build your own database. An alternative: target your service to an area: promoters, salespersons, young professionals, senior professionals, assistants, etc.

35. Cadet shop.

Fast! Carry and bring. You can offer cadet services and become a partner for: dispatching postal mail, delivering folders, doing special printing, picking up jobs, distributing brochures or invitations. Fact: focus on homebased entrepreneurs, they fulfil several roles and need a collaborator for some administrative tasks outside the home.

36. Entrepreneurial training.

Learn by doing! Business knowledge acquired today will probably soon expire. Updating is a constant and a must in business. Organisations hire independent professionals to give incompany courses. The disciplines are varied: teamwork, time management, management skills, motivation, creativity, customer service, sales, languages applied to business, etc. What is your speciality?

37. Training in: Internet in company.

Navigating indoors! The Internet has changed the life of mankind and particularly our working life, speeding up our work. Companies are the first to want their employees to know about the Internet and related software. If you have qualifications in the subject, develop courses to be taught in companies.

38. Training in: Internet for adults.

Can I play here? It seems that the younger generation has a more direct approach to the Internet than adults, especially older adults. This is a potential market for a trained Internet trainer. Ideas: adults who want to reenter the labour market, are retired or retired, want to continue working from home, or want to interact with grandchildren/relatives living in another country. Develop courses for this audience, make them tailormade.

39. Training on: Internet for children.

I play everything! Children are very seduced by the web world. And in some cases, their addiction to online games is counterproductive. This business idea consists of developing courses where children discover other utilities of the Internet and learn how to make good use of the information they find on it. Idea: if you are qualified, offer it in schools, computer institutes, associations. Alternative: oriented towards teachers who use the Internet in their classes.

40. Virtual training.

Learn, wherever you are! If you live in Uruguay and your student lives in Spain, nowadays there are no obstacles for you to train him/her in the subject of your speciality. Today it is possible thanks to the Internet. Prepare yourself on this teaching modality and learn how to use email, instant messengers, virtual meetings in pursuit of teachinglearning. Develop a virtual course and receive students from different parts of the world.

41. Virtual training: Entrepreneurs.

I work and learn from home! You can focus your training on entrepreneurs: microentrepreneurs and professionals, who run their businesses from home. Fact: with this business idea you facilitate the organisation of the various daily activities and allow a better complement of work and training.

42. Virtual training: Virtual Institute.

Various proposals to choose from. You can put together a team of virtual trainers and set up your virtual institute, through a website offering a variety of courses that meet different needs: business courses, languages, trades, hobbies, etc. Alternative: offer your virtual courses and trainers to companies.

43. Portfolios.

Pandoras box! The handbag is a womans musthave accessory. Even those who dont want to carry too much, carry a small or very discreet handbag, even a shoulder bag, rather than go out without one. What do you think of this idea? There are as many styles to be created as there are people. And using the most diverse and noble materials.

44. Cartography.

Map in hand. The saying goes: Asking is the way to Rome“. The truth is that cartographers make things much easier for us by making maps. Through computerised cartography, they can work from their homes for consultancies or oil companies.

45. Catering for companies.

Food goes to work. Despite the fastfood boom, when it comes to lunch, employees opt for homecooked meals. If you qualify as an expert cook, this idea is for you. Fact: Offer this service for canteens of small and mediumsized companies.

46. Catering for schools.

Food goes to school. On the one hand, you can offer a buffet service for schools, with quick meals that delight children with healthy fast food variants. Another option: offer catering for the school canteen. Alternative: offer differential menus for children who need a special diet.

47. Catering for business events.

The food goes to the seminar. The break during a seminar is necessary and, by the way, highly expected by the attendees. Another option for your catering business is to focus on business events: courses, seminars, congresses, working breakfasts or lunches, etc.

48. Catering for social events.

The food goes to the party. The dishes tasted at a social gathering rise to the top of the list when comments are made about the event. Idea: if your micro catering company specialises in social events, prepare yourself in gastronomy from the rest of the world, know the preferences of different religions, design personalised or thematic menus.

49. Gift baskets.

Congratulations! Are you creative when giving gifts and do you surprise your friends and family? If I heard yes“, this business idea is for you. It consists of offering your customers: original gift kits presented in a basket, tailored to the occasion and the recipient. The basket can include: sweets, fruits, handicrafts, soaps, perfumes, school supplies, etc…. Idea: there is always an occasion to give a hamper as a gift: birthdays, weddings, engagements, popular celebrations, births, etc.

50. Institutional baskets.

Thank you for visiting us! Companies are an excellent niche market to target with your hamper business. During a corporate event, the company can give a hamper with its products as a gift, for example, to special guests at an anniversary party. Tip: a basket with product samples to give away at trade fairs or exhibitions.

51. Chocolate for everyone.

Simply delicious! Can you imagine chocolates in the most varied shapes? Hearts, flowers, erotic“, teddy bears for the most romantic customers. Initials, zodiac signs, pens, bottles, for the more original ones. This idea offers chocolate gifts for all tastes, with motifs that surprise the recipient with their exquisite flavours and unique shapes. Idea: chocolate as a business gift.

52. Undercover customer.

Im watching you! An undercover customer is a person who pretends to be a real customer, but is a person hired to evaluate customer service, product quality, business status or other aspects pointed out by the company. You can offer this service to several companies. One suggestion: supermarket chains.

53. Affinity club.

See you! Getting together to interact and exchange ideas is basic for human beings. You can organise meetings with people who share affinities: literature, languages, cinema, theatre, sports, comics, public speaking, etc. You will be in charge of animating / coordinating the meetings, proposing activities that generate interaction. Idea: charge a membership fee to join the club.

54. Affinity club: virtual version“.

See you on the web! Can you imagine forming a club made up of people from all over the world? This business idea consists of coordinating a virtual affinity club. With this version, you will organise meetings through private chat rooms (instant messengers) or you will moderate a discussion list to be created for this purpose. Idea: operate with a membership.

55. International trade.

Sold! Interested in an idea about the international market? Here is one. This professional acts as an intermediary between the importer and the exporter. Before placing a product abroad, he conducts market research to find out the characteristics of the product and also carries out an evaluation of competing companies. Fact: offers his services as an independent consultant to companies wishing to export their products.

56. Composer of music for advertising, radio and television spots.

Sounds great! If your passion is music, start this idea from home. Advertising requires a lot of creativity to capture the attention of consumers, and the use of music for this purpose is very common. You can provide music pieces for advertisements on broadcast television, cable, local and longrange radio.

57. Speaker.

Welcome! Some people cant imagine themselves in front of an audience. Others enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience in a lecture hall. What is your case? If you didnt pass by this business idea, I must assume that you are the latter. You can share your knowledge in associations, professional associations, universities, schools, nongovernmental organisations. They are interested in offering new knowledge to their members. Idea: Train yourself to polish your skills as a speaker.

58. Lecturer: online.

Welcome! Sharing your knowledge is not hindered by geographical distance. New technologies make it possible for you, an expert speaker, to participate in a conference thousands of kilometres away from your city. Consider offering your services as a speaker at associations in other countries. Idea: train yourself in teleconferencing technologies.

59. Business consulting.

Can you help me? If there is a problem, there is work for the consultant. A consultant gathers information, assesses situations and advises: he suggests what should be done. Increasingly, companies are employing more sophisticated methodologies and technologies, which require the advice of highly qualified professionals in different areas: import, export, health and safety, agriculture, quality, environment, franchising, human resources, ecommerce, reengineering, finance, marketing, computing, etc. In which area can you advise me?

60. Consultancy in: Computers.

Me and my PC. There are too many questions when a PC becomes part of our lives. If you have hardware and software knowledge, as well as business knowledge in the area, consider this business idea. Computers have been installed in homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, small shops, everywhere. If there is a PC, there is your opportunity.

61. Consultancy in: Entrepreneurship.

The small big business. Where to start a business? What procedures are necessary and where to do them? And the capital? Do I need a place? How do I set up my office from my home? How will people know about my product? How to go from microentrepreneur to SME entrepreneur? This business idea is ideal for those who help future entrepreneurs to set up their microenterprise.

62. Consultancy in: Marketing.

Where are the customers? It is one of the first, if not the first question that an entrepreneur asks himself: small, medium or large. A marketing consultant advises on the strategies to make our products or services known, through different channels: advertising, promotion, sales, public relations, etc. In recessionary contexts, this is when this consultant has the most work to do.

63. Consultancy in: MarketingOnline.

Your clients are also on the Internet. The network of networks or Internet is another of the channels that companies use to make themselves known to their clients. A consultant in this area proposes strategies such as positioning in search engines, banner exchange, creation of newsletters and forums, sale of products on websites, among others. Train yourself in this new form of communication.

64. Consultancy in: Online Business.

My address is www. In addition to advertising on the network of networks, there are companies that are born and develop on the Internet: cybercompanies. For this kind of business, there is nothing better than hiring the services of an online business consultant to find out: how to start, how to manage it, how to protect our contents, how to sell and how to get paid. Fact: think about the growth of this market: many companies are going online to stay online.

65. Counselling.

Im there for you. We have all gone through times when we need a professional to help us to be better with ourselves and with others. The psychological counsellor helps to solve problems, guides in the use of the strengths of each person to promote wellbeing and personal development. Idea: to integrate into an interdisciplinary antistress team.

66. Ties for every neck.

Elegance and something more There is nothing more elegant for a gentleman than to wear a tie of excellent design. But this accessory is not just for men. The idea is to create extraordinary designs that include, for example: famous personalities, shields of sports teams, or a photograph, a symbol, a drawing or a special inscription for the customer. Tip: offer it in gift shops.

67. Proofreading.

Does my text look good? Reading an errorfree text makes reading even more enjoyable. The proofreader evaluates the texts, both technically and aesthetically. Fact: you carry out this activity for publishers, magazines, newspapers, writers in general, and organisations and companies that require it.

68. Literary criticism.

Excellent! It is natural to express our comments, good or bad, after having read a literary work. Some people make it an enterprise. The literary critic is prepared to read, appreciate and evaluate works technically and aesthetically“. Fact: magazines, newspapers, specialised publications, even some television programmes have sections on the novelties of the literary market. Offer your services in these spaces.

69. Storytelling.

Once upon a time From traditional childrens stories, to those improvised by our parents or grandparents, they all bring back beautiful childhood memories. This business idea is for those who enjoy sharing stories with children or adults and have the ability to play characters. Fact: cafés or restaurants call for storytellers with horror or erotic stories. Or in the courtyards of shopping centres or hypermarket chains for childrens storytellers.

70. Online storytelling.

Once upon a time there was the web. Even if you are on the other side of the storytelling hemisphere, you will listen to the story before you go to sleep. With this business idea, you compile stories from other authors and/or write your own, upload them to a website and your audience can download them to read offline. Tip: set up a book club and charge a membership fee.

71. Online storytelling: Image and sound.

Once upon a time there was your voice. If you were interested in the idea of online storytelling, another alternative for you: give each story a multimedia format, where the reader can hear your voice, see the characters in the story, hear music. When the reader downloads your story, they will be even more excited.

72. Decorating childrens rooms.

My world. A childs room is a secret world of games, numbers, letters and invisible friends. A professional understands the needs of the client (parents and child) and creates an ideal environment for the child. Idea: specialise in this market, immerse yourself in this world, and make creative proposals oriented towards fashion heroes, music, films, videos, books, comics of childrens interest.

73. Home office decoration.

My home, my business. Many entrepreneurs decide to work from home. Microentrepreneurs or independent professionals who manage their businesses from an office set up in an available area of the house. It is an opportunity for decorators who are oriented to work environments under this new modality on the rise.

74. Shop window decoration.

Just looking The distribution of the mannequins, the wardrobe, the accessories, the lighting, the predominant colours, the action described by the protagonists of each shop window, collaborate in the customers decision: enter or say: Im just looking…”. Fact: Offer your services to: shops, department stores, hypermarkets and shopping centres.

75. Delivery of special meals.

The table is set. If your business is food delivery, differentiate yourself from your competitors: help your customers to follow a strict diet“. Prepare special dishes for, for example: people who have to adjust to a lowcalorie diet, diabetic menus, coeliacs. Idea: ask medical professionals for advice.

76. Breakfast delivery.

Have a great day! Professionals say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And starting the working week is much easier when its a different breakfast than every day. With this service, you delight your customers with breakfasts that are out of the ordinary. Idea: accessories such as: flowers, balloons, ribbons for the basket in which the breakfast is served.

77. Barbecue delivery.

Lets hear it for the grill! Another idea for your food delivery business is to find a niche in the preparation and delivery of the typical barbecue. Create an opportunity and make parrillada a MondaytoMonday dining option.

78. Delivery of globalised desserts.

Anti auguri! If your pleasure lies in the preparation of desserts, stop at this business idea. Imagine a single place where the customer can find the dessert of the country of his choice: Italy, Norway, Israel, China, Venezuela, Germany, etc. Do some research on the sweet dishes of the world and be encouraged. Idea: offer it in community centres or associations. Find out about their local festivals.

79. Delivery of special desserts.

Pleasure for everyone! Sharpen your dessertmaking skills and offer delicacies for everyone, even for people on a diet. Get advice from doctors and nutritionists, and use your creativity to make traditional desserts but with lowcalorie ingredients, using a variation or offering your own novelties.

80. Development of software for virtual training.

Takeoff platform. Studying through new technologies is a trend that is taking hold among us: individuals and companies. If you are qualified, design programmes or platforms that provide all the elements for virtual teachinglearning such as: a virtual classroom, a section for communicating with the teacher, another for accessing study material, another for interaction with peers, etc.

81. Development of software for ebooks.

Reading from the PC. Another business idea related to programming is the design of software to create ebooks or electronic books, as well as covers. Writers, both famous and new, are opting to publish their works in this way. Fact: Offer this service to: writers, who personally take care of their ebooks, and virtual publishers.

82. Software development for homebased entrepreneurs.

All in one! You can satisfy a need of entrepreneurs who manage their businesses from home: simplify administration. The service consists of designing a platform that includes all the elements/programmes used daily by microentrepreneurs: email, clients, products and services, purchases, sales, expenses, agenda and the corresponding ones for the home so as to have everything in one.

83. Customs clearance.

Quality control. Here is another idea that brings us closer to the international market. The customs broker is the intermediary between the importer and the exporter. He controls the goods entering and leaving the country. Fact: offering his services as an independent to importers, exporters and transporters.

84. Pillow design.

Check with your pillow. It sounds like a joke but you know its true. In addition to the consultancy service, there is nothing better than a comfortable pillow to help you fall asleep. Traditional square or rectangular pillows are fine. Idea: but your service will be different if you design other shapes: stars, suns, fruits, geometrical figures, hands, feet, mouths, noses and in various genres and colours.

85. Design of gift bags.

The man with the bag. Giving is wonderful, for the receiver and for the giver. The bag is an accessory that enhances the present. With this business idea, offer distinctive lines of bags: for sports freaks, book freaks, women freaks, candy freaks, movie freaks, drink freaks, snow freaks, etc.

86. Box design.

Box of surprises. If we continue to give gifts, uncovering a gift box generates a great deal of excitement. If we move on to the organisation of our homes or offices, it generates another kind of sensation Idea: in both cases, their usefulness is innumerable. You can create an exclusive line for offices, another for the home, others for to store handkerchiefs, letters, jewellery, cuddly toys, amulets, etc.

87. Costume design.

Guess who I am! Possessing the powers of the heroine just by wearing her costume is a dream of many children and adults. There are the wellknown arch superheroes, the new ones with hardtopronounce but simple names for children and teenagers, the ones from traditional fairy tales, and the ones you create yourself. An idea for the creative needle and thimble handy. Fact: costume houses will love your designs, contact organisers of childrens parties and adult shows with more daring costumes.

88. Display design.

Give me that one. Products in a shop are more tempting in welldesigned displays. Go to the shops, see how products are displayed in the shops, study what kind of display would highlight goods such as: biscuits, sugar, pasta, condiments, drinks, preserves, breads, kitchen rolls, etc., and offer your services. Idea: a display for biscuits in the shape of a house, with three shelves: one for sweet biscuits, one for water biscuits and one for diet biscuits.

89. Cartoon design.

Fact beats fiction. In spite of the previous sentence, fiction becomes our reality when we read a comic book. Cartoons, cartoons and caricatures are found in magazines, newspapers, childrens books, adult books, shopping guides, catalogues and educational manuals. An idea for skilful entrepreneurs who dare to explore parallel worlds.

90. Design of homes for pets.

Home sweet home. Another idea for animal lovers. This one consists of designing safe, comfortable and hygienic houses for them: dogs and cats. Why not turtles and rabbits? Added value: useful accessories such as the trousseau“.

91. Clothing design.

The habit does not make the monk. Delaying the choice of clothes for the days work or a social gathering seems to be a matter for women and men. With this business idea, the entrepreneur designs creations for children, women, men, sportswear, lingerie, school or work uniforms. Tip: Focus on a niche market, e.g. special sizes for children or teenagers.

92. Interior design.

Please come in. The idea of remodelling a house or a workplace can be interesting for you as an entrepreneur. With this idea, you create environments by creatively combining: lighting, materials, colour and equipment. Tip: focus on a niche, e.g. home offices. Other: focus on event decoration.

93. Jewellery design.

Worth a fortune! Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins, cameos, watches or bracelets embellish our wardrobes and become almost obligatory accessories. Idea: from his home workshop, this entrepreneur creates jewellery using gold, silver, stones and other materials.

94. Bed kit design.

Sweet dreams! What is the fashion for going to sleep? With this idea you design different collections to be fashionable“, including: nightdresses or pyjamas, sheets, covers, slippers, quilts. Tip: focus on a niche, e.g. kit for romantic girls or kit for computer boys.

95. Kitchen kit design.

Lets eat! Kitchen fashion doesnt have to be boring“. This business idea proposes you to design the necessary elements for the task: potholders, aprons, chefs hat, tablecloths, napkins, under the same theme. Create several collections. Alternative: presentation of the kit in a basket or box, include a book with recipes.

96. Web design.

Upload to where? The Internet market is growing: every year more and more people are accessing the net and, with that, there are more and more potential customers surfing thousands of sites during the day. With this in mind, you can build personal pages, institutional and business pages, large knowledge portals, virtual shops, sites for buying and selling products, etc. Fact: students, independent professionals, educational institutes, companies, want to get on the web.

97. Design of stands for fairs and exhibitions.

With you: the product. At trade fairs and exhibitions, the main protagonists are the products and services presented. And the presentation depends to a large extent on the design of the stand. The trade fair is a channel that companies make a lot of use of. Fact: to offer economic proposals, with materials and resources accessible to entrepreneurs, where there is a lot of activity in terms of trade fairs.

98. Flyer design.

Our product! Every day, on the street, we receive dozens of flyers. Many are discarded without even being read, others are left in a drawer and a few catch our attention. Which ones are effective? You can create some standard designs and offer them to businesses directly, to printers, or a fact: the businesses that published the flyers you received on the street today.

99. Editorial design.

The pleasure of reading. Putting together a book for the pleasure of readers. With this business idea, the entrepreneur takes the original book brought by his client and brings it to life in the final publication. He does the layout and composition of the book. Work that he can do from his home publishing house with his PC.

100. Graphic design.

Seeing is believing. It is an art to translate any message into visual language. This entrepreneur carries out from his home studio: posters, brochures, magazines, advertisements; where there are images, there is work for the graphic designer, that is to say, everywhere? This business idea has a wide field of action.

101. Industrial design.

The great inventor. The idea is to create objects that are manufactured industrially; those that provide a better quality of life and comfort to human beings. The designer ranges from the simplest to the most complex: glasses, chairs, tables, mouses, motors and machinery. Fact: focus on a specific area, see what the problems are and how you could solve or improve it with an object.

102. Designing and making handmade masks.

Lets take off our masks. Sometimes we have fun wearing one: fancy dress parties, carnival, plays, endofyear events, and the like. With this idea you can create various styles in: papiermâché, newspaper, cardboard, cloth, for example. Tip: contact event organisers, childrens party organisers, schools, costume houses.

103. Product distribution.

Its here! City centres are the first to receive innovative products, while remote localities are forced to wait a long time or: not even know about them. This idea proposes to distribute these products in these areas. Tip: do it yourself or put together a team and coordinate it yourself.

104. Duplication of videocassettes.

You look great, you look great. Saving memories, stories, experiences in image and sound is unique. Generally, individuals do not have two computers to have a copy of the video. This is an idea that you can take advantage of, if you have them. Fact: stand out for a good service, collecting and delivering the copies at home.

105. Handmade sweets and jams.

Tea time! Afternoon tea, tea, toast and jams. If they are your hobby, now they can be a business idea to be realised. Tasting the handmade adds great value to the products. Tip: come up with your own creations, exotic combinations, and unusual labels, lids or jars.

106. Artisan bread making.

Our bread. At tea time we had toast, but today, at breakfast, freshly baked bread. The revaluation of craftsmanship and the quality of the details make this idea an excellent opportunity. Tip: they make flavoured breads and deliver them to your home at flexible times.

107. Scenography.

The stage of life. The stories are also told through the scenery created by the set designer, who recreates the original atmosphere of the play. The sketches can be made in the home workshop and then transferred to the place of the performance. Tip: to set the scene for promotional shows, parades, trade fairs.

108. Write just a cover“.

Short and good. In a foreign country, having news from the country of origin is a must for the visitor. This idea is to write a newsletter: one cover, with the most important news from, for example, the USA, and in the language of origin. Tip: offer it in airports, hotels, shopping malls and tourist centres.

109. Writing a newsletter as a hobby.

That strange passion. Passionate about canoeing, golf, bizarre cinema, old books, philately, etc. They are passionate people who want to know absolutely the latest about their hobby. This idea proposes you to focus on one hobby, why not yours, and to gather in a short newsletter (two or three pages) the most interesting information: news, latest techniques, courses, websites, personalities, etc. Ideas: printed or virtual newsletter, set up an affinity club.

110. Write a segmented newsletter.

The secret informant. Maybe its not a hobby, its my profession or occupation. Good information, good decisions. The idea is for you to publish a short newsletter (four or five pages) with segmented information for: professionals in medicine, education, psychology, drama. Idea: newsletter segmented by business sector, e.g. pharmaceuticals.

111. Write press releases.

Let everyone know. The work of any company must be published in order to be known. Press releases are used to let the media know about product or service launches, community activities, promotions, anniversaries, management appointments, and company activities. Tip: Have or create a network of contacts in the press to get the release published.

112. Freelance writing for the media.

My way of expressing myself. If writing is your passion, get ready to take on this idea. This idea proposes you to write freelance for the media: articles and/or technical reports of your expertise. Tip: offer your services to publications in your field.

113. Write house organs.

News about us. Some companies have an internal newsletter with employee news: birthdays, promotions, retirements, marriages, births, trainings. If you are fluent in writing, you can add a professional touch to such a publication. Tip: offer a onestop service: you take care of the content and a partner takes care of the photography.

114. Write humour.

I laugh, therefore I am. Humour is health and it can also be business for you. Most of the media: magazines, newspapers, television, cable, Internet, have sections dedicated to humour. Jokes, graphic humour, witty phrases, frequent columns. Idea: study the market, look for humour sections, if you cant find them, create a tailormade humour story and send it in.

115. Write books or ebooks.

Have a child and plant a tree. If you have a lot to tell, to share with others, and your vocation is writing, take this idea. Be encouraged to take the big leap, there are so many topics. Consider the alternative of publishing your book electronically, the investment is less. Tip: orient the subject of your technical book towards a speciality.

116. Write procedure manuals.

Knowhow. Many companies ask professional writers to write procedure manuals. This entrepreneur works in a team with other professionals, who may also be freelance or part of the company. Idea: canvass companies that handle highly complex equipment.

117. Write customised virtual poems.

With love. For some people it is so easy to express their feelings, however, others wish they had that ability. If you belong to the envious“, consider offering this service. Writing putting yourself in someone elses shoes is not a difficult task for those who know how to listen to the request and express it in writing. Idea: send the personalised poem via email or print and include a romantic detail, e.g. a flower.

118. Writing summaries for students.

To class! The classes start, the subjects that dont start, the overlapping of timetables, plus work and social activities. For students, the mess and the time that is not enough is unleashed. This service is highly valued. You read study material and write a summary, which you can hand in on paper or on diskette. Tip: advertise on university bulletin boards, copy shops, bookstores.

119. Handmade stamping.

With a personal stamp. Clothing expresses a way of being, a style, a group, a hobby. The handmade printing proposes to give: Tshirts, hats, bags, whites and table linen a personal stamp. Alternative: entrepreneurial market, as a promotional or merchandising product.

120. Virtual art exhibition.

Masterpieces. Can you imagine appreciating masterpieces by just a double click sitting comfortably at home? Transform this idea into a venture: an art gallery on the Internet. Fact: for painters it is an advertising space that reaches the whole world.

121. Photography.

Smile! Your best moments alive in every photo. This idea applies to many areas: from the simplest newsletter, the specialist travel magazine, the tabloid newspaper, childrens magazines and everything else you can think of, websites also contain photos, of their owners, the staff, to illustrate a section. Tip: build up your own photo bank and offer it.

122. Photography: photographic inventory.

This is my house. Especially for photographers. This business idea consists of taking photos of the belongings in a house: furniture, music equipment, works of art, PCs, telephones, jewellery, antiques, and everything of value (or that the owner wants to inventory). It is a test to be considered by insurance companies when assessing a claim, a theft.

123. Photography: for restaurants (dishes and presentation).

Temptations. Food is for the eyes“, thats why the masters take great care in its preparation and presentation. If your business is photography, stand out from the competition by offering this service. I take photos of the dishes offered by the restaurant to be displayed on the walls of the restaurant. Alternative: photo of the dishes to illustrate the menu.

124. Franchising.

A brand at your service. Starting with a wellknown brand? Franchising is a way of starting your own business with the support and recognition of an already established company. You have a brand, the knowledge and strategies, the training, the backing. Idea: investigate the numerous options for entrepreneurship in this modality.

125. Management.

I do it for you. Bureaucratic procedures become difficult to resist when, in addition, we do not know what to do and where to do it. Can you do it for me? With this idea, you will manage for your clients, procedures: filing of fiscal, automobile, labour taxes, etc. Fact: what can you do for me, define your field of management.

126. Graphology.

Alphabet soup. With writing we express ourselves and our handwriting expresses us“. The graphologist knows the personality characteristics of the person through their handwriting. This idea applies to various fields: personnel selection, vocational orientation, work in psychopedagogical offices, in institutes for minors, among others. Tip: look further into other fields of action and focus on a niche, e.g. older adults who want to reenter the labour market.

127. Pet day care.

Special affections. When leaving our homes, particularly on holidays, one of the concerns is who will take care of the pet. Another idea for animal lovers. This one proposes that you foster the pets if you have the means to do so. Alternatively, you could go to their homes on a daily basis to provide food and other care.

128. Shopping guide.

Where to shop. To go shopping knowing where one will get such and such a thing is a dream: a quick and successful way out. With this business idea, you put together a guide to the shops in your area, distribute it free of charge and sell advertising space. Tip: include the offers of the week.

129. Online business guide.

Here we are again. Shopping on the web? This business idea is similar to the previous one: you put together a guide with the shops but on the Internet. For your sponsor it represents a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year display. Tip: some shops may offer the possibility for their customers to order online.

130. Herbs and spices.

Taste of Cilantro, albaca, mint, thyme, rosemary, etc., all special for seasoning and enhancing the flavours of food. This idea proposes you to sow them, harvest them, process them and? sell them. Fact: research the conditions necessary to produce them in small spaces.

131. Historian.

Who am I? To know where we come from in order to know where we are going. This idea consists of reorganising memories, experiences, comments passed down from generation to generation within a family and compiling them into a story that describes the history of our family“. It can be presented on paper or CDROM. Alternative: personal history, a persons journey.

132. Historian: companies and institutions.

Who are we? If your vocation is to reassemble and tell stories, another alternative: to tell the stories of companies and institutions. So much to tell: who was its founder, how it came into being, who built it, why it was built in that place, what was there before it was built, how it grew, what it is like today, who we are today, what our mission and objectives are. Fact: Offer it to companies as an institutional material to present to society or as a special gift to an authority, for example, on an anniversary.

133. Vegetable garden.

Fresh and natural! Working in the open air, in contact with nature, is both therapeutic and profitable. Consumers prefer natural, fresh, well cared for, handmade products. With this in mind, you plant, harvest and sell the products from your garden. Facts: research the conditions for quality products. Differentiate yourself with quality, a competitive price compared to other shops in the sector, and with handmade packaging.

134. Printing of writings.

You made a good impression! Printing means time and money, if you dont have the right equipment. This idea proposes you to facilitate the work of students, professionals, entrepreneurs, secretaries, publicists, by printing all kinds of writings. Facts: use quality printers if you decide to undertake this business idea. Deliver your work in envelopes or folders that identify your business.

135. Individuals for restaurants.

The dish of the day. While waiting for the menu, the placemats in front of you are either entertaining or boring. How about designing placemats that represent the restaurant? Tanguero, Hollywood, Techno. Representing the geographical area? The north, Mesopotamia, Patagonia. That identify the specialities of the house? Pastas, pizzas, empanadas. Fact: the individual as advertising space for nearby businesses.

136. Press reports.

News of the day. The large number of media, print, TV and radio media makes it difficult to follow a topic comprehensively. You can offer this service: collect news on a specific topic (trends in the book market, the latest products, the media exposure of a public figure) from the different media, classify them, file them, make a report, follow them up.

137. Antistress trainer.

Serenity. Study, work, family, social activities are a lethal mix if we do not find the balance to manage them. Nowadays, most of us need a moment of relaxation. An antistress instructor can be an expert in yoga or other disciplines that allow the body and mind to relax. Idea: partner with other health professionals to provide a comprehensive service.

138. Dance instructor.

With rhythm in your skin. Speaking of relaxing, dance is another way to achieve this and have fun. In Argentina, tango has become an interesting proposal for various audiences, from the young to the elderly; but especially: tourists avid for the rhythm of the dos por cuatro“. Idea: to offer intensive workshops in hotels.

139. Selfdefence instructor.

No fear. Pressing violence and aggression create spaces that we can take advantage of to feel better inside, with greater mental rather than physical strength. Those who qualify in these disciplines can work individually and/or in groups, in their living room, at home, in the students home, or in clubs.

140. Vocal Instructor.

Music to my ears. Learning to use our voice is not exclusive to speakers and singers. Teachers, professionals, trainers, executives, lecturers, actors, and anyone whose activity demands an extra effort from their voice, compared to other occupations. Ideas: offer special workshops for teachers. Another one for inexperienced speakers.

141. Market research.

Who needs what? While no market research was done for the launch of the Walkman, for most products or services it is a mandatory step if you want to go all the way. This idea is that you detect the needs and wants of a certain market, through different types of surveys. Fact: Offer your services to SMEs and microentrepreneurs.

142. Handmade soaps.

Pure scented foam. Take up the challenge to break away from the typical toilet soap. How about designing soaps in different formats, colours, perfumes? You can create several collections, for example, oriented to special occasions: Mothers Day, Friends Day, Sisters Day, Christmas, International Womens Day. Idea: also handmade packaging.

143. Handmade toys.

What are we playing at? Playing discovers the child in us. And rediscovering ourselves playing with traditional toys takes us back to times far removed from the PC and its video games. Rag dolls, stuffed animals, puppets, marionettes, puppets, kits to assemble, are some of the handmade toys that you can design. Tip: contact organisers of childrens events, schools and recreation centres.

144. Virtual toys (video games).

Double click. The interactivity of the computer world is simply catching for children and adults. If you have programming skills, this idea suggests that you should focus on the video game market. Alternative: design educational video games.

145. Toys: wooden kits to assemble.

Missing a piece? Another idea to start up a business from home and continue playing. Skilled at assembling? This idea consists of offering pieces of a wooden toy and the instructions to assemble it. With personal details: such as the name or nickname of the recipient. Tip: offer it to shops in packs of the same design.

146. Prints and frames.

Highlighting. A beautiful image enhances a place and defines the style sought by the owner. Those who wish to decorate their homes or offices find a distinguished style in prints and with a lower investment compared to a painting. Tip: contact interior decorators.

147. Reading books to children, the elderly, the sick.

I am all ears. Reading to others is a pleasure and, at the same time, a useful service for those who cannot do it themselves. Ideas: take your travelling library“: your own collection of recommended books. Read the works requested by your client.

148. Mailing lists: Setting up mailing lists.

I know you. Getting to know your customers is the best investment a company can make. With this business idea, you build a database, i.e. a list with the relevant data of the companys customers. You also take care of updating it. Tip: targeting businesses and microenterprises.

149. Mailing lists: Assembly and distribution of correspondence.

Mail! If you provide the service of setting up databases, this idea will be of interest to you. Postal contact between companies and their customers is a common medium; especially when they need to send the same information to all their customers, e.g. an invitation, a greeting card, a product catalogue, a promotion, etc…. This is when you can take care of assembling and distributing the correspondence.

150. Public auctioneer.

Broker of ideas. A business idea about special sales. This professional participates in judicial auctions (real estate, land, furniture, etc.) as a conciliator of the parties. Fact: offering his services as an independent

independent professional, thus being able to intervene in private auctions (e.g. goodwill).

151. Massage.

Relaxed shoulders. You cant imagine how much I could do with a shoulder massage right now. Is soothing your shoulders with your hands your vocation? If you qualify in this discipline, offer your services: at home, in your home office and in senior centres. Tip: freelance for interdisciplinary teams in hospitals.

152. Merchandising.

The hallmark of a brand. Folders, pens, coffee mugs, notepads, memos, calendars, portfolios, pencils, key rings are also spaces to advertise the company and its brands. You can offer this service by doing the printing yourself (which can be handmade) and/or selling these promotional solutions. Idea: offer your services at trade fairs and exhibitions, and contact event organisers.

153. Mobile sweet table.

Lets celebrate! This edition dedicates several ideas to children and here is one more for them, and for you! This idea consists of offering a mobile candy table for childrens parties. The mobile table is an adult beverage table (on wheels), with two levels. On top: long drink glasses, sherbets, juices, napkins. In addition: candy manzanitas, lollipops, lollipop sticks, a bowl with candy. On the second level: chips, chizitos, sticks, peanuts, soft drinks, juices. Idea: contact organisers of childrens events, drinks service for children. Tip: offer a mobile table for adults.

154. Dressmaker / Tailor.

The golden thimble is for Scissors, needle, thread, thimble, buttons and great sewing skills are the working elements. Raising hems, practising adjustments, darning, mending, gluing buttons can be transformed into an enterprise. Idea: offer your services in student residences.

155. Furniture for homebased entrepreneurs.

More space. Organising the business from home is an opportunity for those who design furniture. Gain more space with: small libraries, a desk and multifunctional computer table, archives for company papers. The market for these entrepreneurs is opening up a new niche for interior decorators.

156. Electroacoustic music.

New rhythms. The advent of the Internet has brought about the birth of new musical instruments, going beyond the limitations of traditional instruments. This idea proposes to investigate this new field, use electronic resources and compose with them. Idea: to offer his services to companies or universities that have institutional pages.

157. Musicalisation of shows.

Have you noticed the difference between a meeting with music and one without? Undoubtedly, music generates fun and lively atmospheres. This idea applies to: social gatherings, plays, parades, artistic shows. Alternative: for business events, e.g. endofyear parties and special trainings.

158. Music therapy.

Healing with music: Do you have knowledge of music and would you like to put it at the service of others? The idea is to use music as a therapeutic means to treat physical and psychological ailments. You develop in your home office, in hospitals, in an interdisciplinary team. Idea: train yourself in this discipline and evaluate the alternative of offering it to companies to apply it to certain trainings, e.g. motivation of work teams.

159. Narration.

The voice. The idea of a narrator is like the hand that guides us to a happy destination. How about offering your services to be the narrator of a documentary? of an educational video? or in advertisements? Alternative: offer your services for the narration of a play.

160. Nutritionist.

Health! Health care before aesthetic care. A healthy idea: prevent and promote health through awareness of good nutrition and physical activity. The trend to improve our quality of life is a great opportunity for professionals in this area. Idea: to be part of interdisciplinary health teams. Fact: targeting sportsmen and women.

161. Organisation of weddings.

Yes, I do. The thousand and one details for the event can be delegated to an expert in the field. Guests, invitations, catering, musicalization of the event, the place of the event, the time, the transport, the dress, the stages of the party, everything in the hands of a professional. Fact: prepare for different types of celebrations according to religion and nationality.

162. Organisation of business events.

Chalk and blackboard. Company events range from: incompany training, working breakfasts, national meetings, anniversaries, product presentations, branch inaugurations, congresses, etc. Although the context is different, the professional organiser coordinates the tasks of any event: meeting participants, catering, venue, transport, reception of guests, booking of tickets and hotels, if necessary.

163. Organisation of childrens parties.

Where is the cake? This kind of organisation will demand as much or even more creativity than in the previous cases. A professional will offer a comprehensive service and treat the childrens event as a whole, to produce a party that reflects the child. He/she will coordinate the standard tasks of the event, and the particular ones: entertainers, games, prizes, cotillion, souvenirs, costumes if required, photos, videos.

164. Organisation of wardrobes, boots and garages.

Everything in its place. Some household chores require more willingness than others. Do you keep your house in order? If you answered yes, think about the following idea: your service will consist of organising wardrobes, boots, garages, libraries, attics, basements.

165. Business networking organisation.

Partners: what business round did you attend last time, or what meeting of professional colleagues, or was it an informal chat? This business idea proposes to organise regular formal meetings to exchange experiences and do business.

166. Handmade packaging.

One more gift. The packaging of products also sells. For several of these business ideas, handmade packaging is suggested. Use different kinds of materials: papiermâché, cardboard, wood, kite paper, cellophane, crepe paper, cloth, baskets, etc. Tip: Contact producers of handicraft products and artisans themselves.

167. Journalist.

LAST MINUTE! Thanks to new technologies, news travels fast and its novelty expires soon. Journalists, in addition to working in the media, can also focus their services on the press and broadcasting areas of companies and institutions. Technology allows them to conduct interviews, write and send notes to the media, and carry out journalistic production virtually.

168. Personal trainer.

I accompany you. The discipline of physical exercise is difficult to sustain. For this reason, the figure of the personal trainer emerges as a companion for gymnastics and adjusting a special routine for each student. Generally, they offer their services at home, they can work with their students in their living room or in the open air.

169. Personal trainer: for older adults.

I accompany you. Seniors deserve to enjoy their free time, in activities that make them feel young. If your business is physical training, you can target the senior market, with routines that are appropriate to the age and physical possibilities of each student. Facts: Consult with medical professionals. Offer your services in retirement homes.

170. Pochoclo: variety.

Shall we go to the cinema? The same thing is boring, especially for children. How about having your own line of popcorn? Sweet, salty, with caramel, in different colours and flavoured: strawberry, orange, lemon. How would you like to include another line of handmade sweets? Tutucas or puffed corn. Idea: offer your lines in drugstores, bakeries, biscuit shops, school buffets.

171. Preparation of CVs.

Personal data. In order to present your work history to a company, every detail counts. This idea proposes to prepare the CV, evaluating the candidates profile, the position and the company for which he/she is applying. Tip: prepare standard styles to exemplify to your clients, for example: classic, modern or professional.

172. Ethnic products.

From the world to your home. With one click, you buy a product from any city in the world. With this idea, you set up a virtual shop where you sell products from all over the world. Alternative: set up a network of stores that sell these products in the country, offer your products and sell them. Tip: target a high purchasing power audience.

173. Independent professions.

Homebased entrepreneurs. Lawyers, accountants, doctors, architects, graduates in administration, human resources, marketing, advertising, and any professional who works independently (freelance) are homebased entrepreneurs and manage their microenterprises, which are themselves, from their homes. Data: take advantage of all technological resources to improve the quality of our work. Offer increasingly specialised services.

174. Product promotion.

Its free! Do you remember the last free sample you received and where? Product promotion consists of showing new products or services for the public to try. You can be a promoter, giving out free samples or doing tastings in supermarkets, shops, trade fairs. Fact: Offer your services as an independent promoter.

175. Product promotion: coordination.

Its free bis. Continue tasting ideas. This idea proposes that you put together a team of promoters and offer these human resources to: companies, businesses, fairs, exhibitions, etc.

176. Advertising.

Look at me! Like people, companies are always communicating. That is where this idea comes in: an advertising professional knows how to communicate messages. The advertising professional offers his services to advertising agencies, advertising departments in companies or organisations, works independently. In the first cases, they can also work as freelancers.

177. Creation of menus for restaurants.

What will be served? When the waiter hands you the menu, you will have had experiences where it is very helpful and others where you do not find what you want. This idea proposes that you design menus for restaurants: their layout, the distribution of the menus, the wording, the style of the lettering, the photos illustrating the dishes, the cover, the material of the menu.

178. Cartridge refill.

Chinese ink? The ink is finished, it is as simple as buying a new cartridge. A new cartridge represents an interesting investment, it is as simple as asking for a refill. Fact: start your business, think that almost all companies have: printers, fax or photocopiers and many of them use cartridges.

179. Recreation for kids.

Watch out, kids at play. Organising recreational activities for children is both rewarding and profitable. The idea is to generate childrens play potential and creativity; in: schools, camps, holiday camps. Tip: Offer your services in shopping centres and large supermarket chains, which have recreational areas for children.

180. Recreation for seniors.

Watch out, grandparents at play. Working with older adults is no less enjoyable than working with children. Hold meetings exclusively for grandparents and organise participatory games. Idea: to generate encounters between adults and children. Tip: offer these meetings in schools as an experience to be carried out in: holiday periods or in accordance with class themes developed by the teacher, e.g.: family, respect for the elderly.

181. Entrepreneurial gifts.

For you. In the business world, the gift means: recognition for an outstanding achievement, thanks for years of service, good wishes for a person who is retiring. You, in undertaking this idea, offer business gifts: pens, key rings, medals, engraved plates or platters, usually silver, traditional gifts (for foreigners, such as facon, mates, leather products). Alternatives: if you are a goldsmith, design your own line of gifts. Other: if you are not, contact entrepreneurial gift houses and offer your handicrafts.

182. Extraordinary gifts.

Surprise!!! How to surprise the guest of honour? Here is one more gift idea: what do you think about offering extraordinary gifts, handmade gifts like many of the ideas we discussed in this issue? Think about handmade toys and soaps, family history on CD, a surprise breakfast, baskets full of personalised products, chocolates with her initials, a poem just for her? Tip: give free rein to your ideas! And team up with extraordinary suppliers of extraordinary gifts.

183. Public Relations.

The medium is the message. Companies take care of their image and the public relations expert works on the construction of the institutional image. He/she carries out opinion polls, internal and external, of clients, of the community in general; he/she contacts the media and coordinates events to achieve this objective. Alternative: offer your services as a corporate image consultant for small businesses. Other: image consultant for public figures.

184. Bicycle repair.

What about the sprocket? Bicycles have become a means of transport for many, both for the environment and for economic reasons. The repair market currently offers alternatives for various products. Offer your bicycle repair services in schools and recreational centres. Tip: Provide fast and efficient service.

185. Appliance repair.

Burnt toast. If you qualify with electronics and electrical skills, target the appliance market. For a neat and fast expert it is a great opportunity. Idea: advertise your business in your local shops, through advertisements. Another: offer a free consultation.

186. PC repair.

My PC died!!! Terrible time when that happens if you qualify in PC maintenance and repair skills, the ideal service is that your customer knows where to reach you and can count on you at any time, or at sufficiently flexible hours, to solve their problem. Tip: provide online advice.

187. Furniture repair and resale.

Careful, please. Do you like woodworking? An attractive idea is: repair furniture and resell it. If you are skilled in furniture restoration you can recondition furniture, improve it, value it for more than its initial price and make a satisfactory profit. Tip: look for valuable pieces at flea markets, antique fairs, auctions.

188. Doll restoration.

Doll hospital. The market for collectibles is an attractive niche that requires an entrepreneur who specialises in restoration techniques. Antique dolls, such as porcelain dolls, are treasures for collectors. Idea: add value to your restored doll by reconditioning its costume and/or accessories.

189. Portrait artist.

Family portrait. Like family history, a portrait of a loved one is a priceless legacy for their offspring. Work with the living model or their photograph. Tip: offer the family portrait and include it in the family history on CD.

190. Portrait artist: of pets.

Family friends. Those who like pets cant complain, they had their place in this issue. And heres one more: pet portraiture. Some cartoonists work with photography directly. Idea: offer your services in veterinaries, pet daycare centres, training centres.

191. Portrait artist: virtual.

A thousand possibilities. Applying computer technology to the art of portraiture gives thousands of possibilities: the client with his favourite rock star, in a landscape he has never been to, with relatives he has never met, in actions he could never do, e.g. flying. Idea: add value to your portrait by framing it. Offer this service, design them or work in partnership with a framing expert.

192. Freelance secretary.

Take note. A directors right hand, working independently, can be the hand of several directors. For one client: sort information, for another: answer calls, for another: draft letters. Fact: manage time efficiently. Offer your services in: convention centres, corporate event organisations and international hotels.

193. Virtual secretary.

Note + enter. The virtual assistant works from home, using her PC, Internet connection, email, fax, printer, telephone, mobile phone. These are her working elements (basic set of homebased entrepreneurs). Data: offering services to secretaries in a dependency relationship who delegate work overload to them. To congresses and webinars.

194. Balcony and indoor plants arrangement service.

Thirty balconies Flat dwellers are not deprived of watering their plants every morning. This idea consists in arranging balconies and indoor plants. You plant them, if you have space, install them in houses or flats and maintain them. Alternative: buy the plants and take care of the rest yourself.

195. Delivery service.

We bring it to you now! Remedies, meals, desserts, mended shoes, a dress from the dry cleaner, glasses from the optician, a midnight snack, you name it. This service brings any product to your home. Idea: depending on the demand for the service, put together a delivery team to provide a fast service with greater coverage.

196. Gardening service.

Green but mature. Do you like to be in contact with nature? And while you work? This idea consists of landscaping gardens and parks, planting flowers, plants, fruit trees. Idea: focus on private parks and country houses.

197. Laundry service.

Spotless. There are entrepreneurs who make our lives easier. The ideal laundry service includes: picking up the clothes at home, washing them, drying them, folding them and delivering them to the customers home. Facts: add value to your service by also providing ironing services. Offer their services in student residences or to elderly people.

198. Office cleaning and maintenance service.

Stay clean! To make your office cleaning and maintenance service impeccable, provide flexible schedules (counter shift with office hours) and use quality elements to obtain a quality result. Tip: add value by including window cleaning services.

199. Ironing service.

Not a crease. For expert ironing entrepreneurs, there is no winter or summer.

summer. The work is always excellent because: they offer the service at home or in the ironers workshophome and they deliver the job on time. Fact: they make necessary alterations to clothes, e.g. size adjustments.

200. Shopping service.

Do you know where to find the best products at the best prices? Then use your experience as an expert consumer to offer the shopping service. Collect the list of your customers, buy and distribute. Idea: for shopping in remote market gardens. Tip: Offer your services to the elderly or those unable to shop.

201. Transport service for children.

Departure times. Who picks up and drops off our children is not a minor issue for parents. If you have a vehicle, provide a transport service: take children to and pick them up from school, childrens parties, clubs, entertainment centres, etc

202. Comprehensive housekeeping services.

And now who will be able to help me? Today: gas, tomorrow: water. In a house you never know when a problem arises (which you will certainly not solve without a knowing hand). This idea consists of putting together a team of allrounders“: plumbers, gas fitters, electricians, painters, bricklayers, etc. and offering it as an integral service for the maintenance of houses.

203. Services for the executive.

V.I.P. Would you run a dedicated information centre? Gather information on the services that an executive needs: parttime office rentals, translation services, secretaries, business gifts, conference centres, hotels, corporate catering, corporate delivery, etc.. Tip: target executives with high purchasing power.

204. Handmade souvenirs.

Remind me, what is the souvenir you always wanted but never received? With this idea, you can design it and sell it to your customers. Create different lines for: baptisms, communions, weddings, engagements, golden weddings, etc. In what material? With the one you dream of and together with the design, print a distinctive style. From plaster, ceramic, glass to cloth and wadding. Tip: offer them in souvenir shops and gift shops.

205. Souvenirs on CD.

Compact souvenirs. Can you imagine saving souvenirs on a CD? This business idea proposes to offer your customers: a very special souvenir. How about collecting music, photos, stories of the honoured person? On a CD: you could even keep that home video that is a state secret and of which the protagonist is ashamed“. Fact: a personalised product by any standards!

206. Woven or handmade tapestries, rugs and curtains.

Unique products. Handmade products bring the personal style of their creator, in every detail you can see that that distinguishes it from the rest of the market. For this reason, there is an inexhaustible source of ideas for handmade products. For the hands that create, here are some others: why not design tapestries with cave or indigenous designs, and carpets coloured with natural dyes? What line of curtains can you think of? Facts: offer it at fairs in tourist areas of the city and in decoration shopping centres.

207. Handmade cards.

Happy birthday! What cards have you received on your birthday? A handmade one? In recycled paper? In corrugated cardboard? Spanish style? In cardboard of a thousand colours? What do you think of undertaking this idea? There are hundreds of opportunities to offer them to your customers. And their content? Poetry, phrases, important notes for the person, dont forget to include his or her name. Tip: offer them in gift shops, bookshops and fairs.

208. Virtual cards.

Happy birthday! Who hasnt received a card in their email? If you have programming skills, you can use special software to design them. You can also format it as a Power Point presentation, a card with sound, images and movement. Tip: design several sketches and contact webmasters (website managers) to offer your services.

209. Tele: telephone answering service.

Good morning, my name is Businesses are being challenged by the competition to differentiate themselves in the quality of customer service. With this business idea, you receive calls from customers to provide information and resolve complaints. Idea: Ideally, you should have an independent line in your home to offer this service to companies. Remember that you will be the image of the company.

210. Tele: telephone collections or telecollections.

The reason for the call. Activating collections by telephone, when you are trained, is a rewarding function. With this service, you communicate with delinquent customers and negotiate with them to regularise their situation. Idea: possess negotiation skills.

211. Tele: telephone surveys.

What channel are you watching? Following on from the Tele ideas: you communicate with current or potential customers to find out their opinion on products, services, the company, or any other topic. Data: offer the service of processing such surveys (percentages and trends).

212. Tele: telephone sales or telemarketing.

The benefits of the product. Another Tele idea: you communicate with current or potential customers to offer them the companys product or service, to sell the product. Fact: offer your services (the 4 Tele“) as freelance in companies.

213. Typing.

The fastest keyboard in the West. Not everyone has the speed or the time to type documents, reports, summaries, practical work, theses, and various writings. With this business idea, you transfer those papers to the PC. Fact 1: target doctors, lawyers, accountants, executives, freelancers. Fact 2: Deliver your papers neatly, printed or only on diskette, enveloped, just like the original copy.

214. Translator.

What would we do without translators! Every day more and more information is published in other languages, especially in English. With this business idea, you can offer your services from home, receive the originals, make the translation and deliver it to your client. Idea: contact with your customers is via the Internet and email.

215. Drinks: bartender.

Chin, chin. A fine palate will be able to taste the exotic flavours of your cocktails. This idea proposes you to offer your drinks services to: discotheques, catering for business and social events, restaurants. Tip: develop lines of drinks. Other: contact event organisers.

216. Drinks: bartender: children.

Chin, chon. A weird alternative for the drinks service is for you to create a line of drinks for children, without alcohol, of course. Get inspired and combine the ingredients allowed for childrens parties what would come out of mixing fruit, ice cream, milk, chocolate? Idea: presentation similar to cocktails for adults. Tip: recreate a bar at childrens birthday parties.

217. Tourism: tailormade.

To the end of the