Free children’s story about the Coronavirus: A villain has us trapped at home

un villano nos tiene en casa azul

Download now María Teresa Toro’s free story about the Coronavirus: “A villain keeps us at home”

It´s not easy to explain to your children what is happening when you are not even able to understand it yourself. And with that reflection in her head, the Venezuelan writer Maria Teresa Toro, a passionate of letters and languages, embarked herself in the adventure of writing a children’s story to explain to all children these complicated moments of Coronavirus (Covid 19).

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What it is about

“A Villain Has Us Trapped At Home” is a children’s story in Spanish that emerged from the initiative of a sworn translator “trapped” in quarantine. Aware of the number of children who, like her, cannot leave their homes, María Teresa Toro decided to write a simple story, which, in a few lines could help many parents in the difficult process of guiding and accompanying their children in these moments of disruption.

For children, routine plays an indispensable role in their formation; it gives them structure, it gives them security. At this time the dynamic they have always known has changed dramatically from one day to the next and naturally they may have questions, feel scared and somewhat disoriented. For their part, parents, not having concrete answers to what is coming and with the good intention of protecting their children, may choose not to be clear on the information. Such is the case of the little boy in the story, whose mother has only told him not to worry about the coronavirus, and that he should only wash his hands.

A little confused, he asks himself then, what is a coronavirus? He imagines all kinds of monsters and imagines different ways to fight it with his own super powers because what child hasn’t ever thought that he has magical powers?

About the author

María Teresa Toro is a lawyer with a degree in Liberal Arts from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. She has a Master’s degree in Marketing and a Diploma in Positive Psychology, all from the same university. Finally, she is certified as a public interpreter or sworn translator and has been dedicated for several years to translating Spanish<>English of all types of content in @mtraducciones and

Mercedes Rojas, to capture in images what she could only do in her mind. Mercedes is a social communicator from Universidad Monteávila in Caracas, Venezuela and has her own agency. In addition to branding with her digital marketing agency, she is dedicated to sharing film and series recommendations in her account @the.riviu

A strong friendship unites them since childhood. They have many things in common, and among them stands out an unquestionable passion for the creation and diffusion of content. In this opportunity they incursion into the world of children’s stories with a little magic and hope to make many children smile with this little adventure of superheroes and an unknown villain who must be defeated: the Coronavirus

Join us in “A villain has us trapped at home”. We would love to hear your feedback and hopefully in the future we can write more stories for children in a world without a pandemic.

Download the PDF in Spanish for computers, tablets and mobile devices: HERE

Enjoy it!