Interesting websites that will help you in your training

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Interesting and useful websites that will make you smarter

As the years go by we become more dependent on the Internet, because it has become an incredibly useful tool for everyday life. Not only has it become our greatest hobby, but it also has several extraordinary sites that can help you grow as a professional.

We have made a selection of what could be the best websites of the moment for those people who want to learn at their own pace and in an interesting way.

Below, we leave you with the best websites to learn from:

Coursera: it´s considered among the best options that exist to study. It´s a platform associated with the best universities in the world and has a good academic offer that you can take online. You will be able to access to different courses and masters, obtaining a certification at the end of the studies.

Google Scholar: it´s a less known site, but very interesting and very useful. There you will find free courses with the corresponding certification, once you have passed the subjects. In addition, it will provide you with everything related to the academic field: books, theses, articles, documents, etc.

Khan Academy: it´s considered one of the most complete and useful sites. This page offers a wide variety of courses such as accounting, taxes and others. In addition, it focuses directly on college students by offering them videos of exercises from their main subjects: art, science, technology, math, among others.

Duolingo: will be one of the best options you will find on the Internet if you are looking to learn languages. This site is presented with a didactic way of learning that will give you the impression of playing. With 28 different languages and more than 200 courses available, it allows you to set your goals and reach them at your own pace.

HubSpoy and Moz: If you need to take courses in digital marketing, these are sites that will be of great help for your professional training. HubSpot offers courses on web page optimization, inbound marketing, etc., while Moz offers its own academy where you can take courses on digital marketing and complete guides on linkbuilding, SEO and social media.

LearnVest and EdX: If you are looking to learn about finance, these are your best options. These sites offer courses in both financial analysis for decision making and ways to improve your financial habits. In the case of EdX, the range of courses is extended a bit more, addressing topics such as philosophy, art, entrepreneurship and operations.

WordPress: In the field of computing you can also find sites of your liking such as this platform. It is a site that offers information for, in an easy and free way, to be able to make your own websites.

CodeAcademy: If, on the other hand, what you want is to learn how to program, this is a good option since it covers Javascript, CSS, PHP and HTML programming languages.

Let´s summarize:

Undoubtedly these websites will be very useful, because they are designed to expand your knowledge. You only have to choose which areas are of your interest and put the neurons to work.

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