Tips to increase your wealth | 7 investment techniques

investment techniques

Our seven tips to increase your wealth

Today there are many investment options that will help you keep your money moving and prevent it from devaluing. You can even increase your capital in the short, medium or long term. This is a good way to avoid debt and achieve financial independence.

In this article you will see the main investment techniques, how to avoid unnecessary risks and advice that can generate important advantages and benefits at a financial level.

1. Investments in the stock market

The stock exchange is a private organization in which three fundamental parts intervene: companies that need capital, people who have it, and those who act as intermediaries between these parts (brokers).

As long as you know your financial objectives well, you can invest in the stock market by your own means, always taking into account the following advice:

• Identify your profile.
• Know the market.
• Do not invest money you do not want to lose.
• Set limits.
• Diversify options.
• Invest in more than one sector.

2. Real estate investments

If you are new to this sector, you should know that profits are in the medium or long term, through renting, buying or selling, and that investments in this sector are non-mobile assets, such as land, houses, apartments, etc. You can be guided by these steps to invest in real estate:

• Identify your capital.
• Define the property you want to buy.
• Define the investment method.
• Ask for professional advice.
• Know the characteristics and conditions of the properties.

3. Investments in securities

It consists of buying securities or assets below their price and selling them when the price rises in the future (when the market manages to adjust). You must make sure you buy companies with which you can later recover the investment, and have a profit margin, it is not just buying the cheapest.

4. Investments in gold

The value of gold increases over the years, which is why investing on gold will bring you long-term profits. This is a good option to keep your capital protected, and even to increase it. You can follow these steps.

• Define how you want to buy this metal.
• Identify the means of purchase.
• Get professional advice.

5. Invest in investment funds

Although it is considered a single account from a financial standpoint, an investment fund unifies the contributions of several investors with the aim of investing them in different financial instruments. As it is a diversified investment, risks are reduced. You can follow these tips to invest in a fund:

• Define your investment profile.
• Study the different investment platforms.
• Consult a specialist.

6.Investments in Forex

It´s about currency exchange, you can make transactions with all currencies that are operating worldwide. Scalping and intraday trading are some of its most effective techniques.

7. Investing in Bitcoins

Crypto currencies are a virtual medium of exchange, being Bitcoin the most popular. Its Blockchain platform is completely public and transparent. This makes it one of the best investment decisions today. Here are some tips for buying crypto currencies:

• Use secure virtual wallets to store your Bitcoins (MultiBit, BitcoinWallet).
• Access to consolidated Exchanges in the market (Kraken, Coinbase).
• You should know that this is a very volatile market.
• Seek the advice of an expert if it’s your first time.

Remember that even if there are investments that make you get your money back quickly, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be a millionaire overnight. To be successful with investments you must take into account several financial instruments, you must set goals and techniques to reach them and if you have any doubts, consult with people trained in the sector, since a bad decision can lead to the loss of all your savings.

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