Uncomfortable truths and facts about life that will wake you up

15 uncomfortable facts about life

Facts about life that you must know no matter how uncomfortable they may sound.

Truths you should accept early in life:

  1. A salary is the drug your employer gives you to forget about your dreams.
  2. If you continue to wait for the “right time”, you’ll waste your entire life and nothing will happen.
  3. Even when you trust your close friends and family, don’t let them know too much about you.
  4. You’ll lose 99% of your close friends if you start upgrading your life.
  5. Government and politicians are one giant monster that’ll never save you from your problems.
  6. You’ll be 10x happier if you forgive your parents and stop blaming them for your problems.
  7. Train yourself to let people win arguments on purpose to conserve your mental health.
  8. You become more mature when you train yourself to take nothing personally.
  9. By age 25, your inner circle should be more focused on making money, building their body and starting a family.
  10. You don’t need 100 self-help books, all you need is action + self discipline.
  11. Skills and financial education will make you win over 97% of college graduates.
  12. You can’t expect honesty from people who even lie to themselves.
  13. People are stuck in toxic relationships because they’re afraid to be alone.
  14. The most difficult mission on earth is to focus on your dreams; the easiest task is to complain.
  15. One of the most important decisions you will ever make is who you will have children with.

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