Strategies for making money with TikTok

Estrategias para ganar dinero con TikTok desde tu celular

During the years 2020 and 2021, the application, whose purpose is to create and publicize videos of less than one minute, became very popular. TikTok is the most recognized application by young people, which has also become a means to earn money easily.

Although its original purpose was entertainment, later on Internet users and content creators discovered the greatness of the Internet monetizing market and updated their content to turn it into an economic profit generator.

Strategies to make money with TikTok:

Today’s most eye-catching application was developed by China-based technology firm ByteDance.

Tik Tok grew by leaps and bounds. Results for some content creators in the United States and Asia speak of up to 7 figures per day. This by simply recording and sharing videos that achieve a large number of views.

1. Make live transmissions

Certainly, although live broadcasts can only take place after you have surpassed 1,000 followers, you should keep in mind these three major purposes:

  • Connect with your followers in a natural and pleasant way.
  • You will learn how to build a real and sustainable community that will support you with your creative ideas.
  • Allow your followers to buy coins and then redeem them to buy virtual gifts.

Now, you are probably wondering why this last purpose is of interest to you if you are looking to make money on TikTok?

Among other functions, this app offers the possibility of each virtual gift that your followers give you being converted into diamonds, or real money, as soon as they are paid through PayPal.

Meet TikTok’s “Diamond Program”:

In other words, TikTok’s gift system is known as the “Diamond Program” and consists of each user being able to make a purchase of coins, which will later be exchanged for virtual gifts.

For this reason, if your followers love the videos you share, they will most likely be willing to offer you many gifts as a way of thanking you for your services as a creator.

Also, you will have to take into account that you will need to accumulate an estimated $100 in diamonds to be able to withdraw your money and that you will only be able to earn $1,000 per week.

2. Build a community

As a typical case it is often thought that it is very easy to build a community of followers or supporters of your creative channel on the TikTok platform. It is a fact that being a renowned influencer on TikTok takes work, time and dedication.

However, unlike the management of other networks, where moving your community to a different platform can be easier, it is in this process that your convincing skills will have to be very strong to make your followers follow you to your profiles in different social networks.

All this so that your community can help you in the moments when you need to share information about the brands you represent.

3. Through sponsors

Getting sponsors is one of the best ways to earn money through the TikTok platform. This is if you manage to become the spokesperson for a brand or company that decides to sponsor you. Usually companies hire influencers to promote their products.

This way, you will be able to get world-class sponsors, this if your number of followers is of international level. The important thing is not the location of your audience, but the number of people who frequently visit your content.

You should also bear in mind that when you are hired by a sponsor you must adapt your content to the relationship that the company and the product have with society.

4. Sponsored publications

You don’t need to have thousands of followers on the TikTok social network. A lot of brands are interested in working with a microinfluncer, since their interest is to achieve a very precise number of sales.

In this case, strategies, profitability and benefits were your greatest allies. Of course, you must do things very well so as not to affect in any way the image of the product or brand you will be advertising. Likewise, your content will have to be very original so that your audience is interested in knowing about the product in question.

5. Create a blog

In fact, blogging is one of the most common strategies for creating a profitable online business because it supports a variety of monetization components. Similarly, it is a more indirect way to earn money with TikTok.

By using the blog, you will be able to use the advertising and sponsorship media. Since TikTok cannot include links from different pages, you will have to submit them directly from your personal content blog.

6. Become a TikTok Consultant

Just as there are people who are dedicated to giving advice on the management of different social networks such as Instagram, Facebook or platforms like YouTube among others, there are also those who are dedicated to advising on the respective movements that must be made to achieve success in TikTok.

However, as TikTok is a relatively new platform, many brands will not know how to manage this network, so they will need a person to guide them in the management of their account in this network.

TikTok’s success is growing by leaps and bounds:

Although there are different ways to earn money on the TikTok platform, to be able to use them you must be an influencer with a lot of scope in the medium or at least have a comforting amount of followers. On the contrary, if that is your goal, you will have to work very hard and constantly to make a name for yourself in this social network.

In short, if you manage to achieve this goal, it is recommended that you rely on the recommendations we share in this guide if you want to earn extra income with the TikTok platform.

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