Amazon’s prefabricated house for less than 10,000 EUR/USD

La casa prefabricada de menos de 10 mil EUR/USD que arrasa en Amazon

One of the Amazon sensations is the prefabricated house model from the company Allwood. The great success is due to its price: less than 10 thousand euros / dollars and it is assembled in less than two days.

The house, built in Nordic solid wood, measures about 17 m², has two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. In addition, the customer can choose the distribution. Due to high demand, it is currently unavailable until further notice.

This is the house that is worth less than 10,000 EUR/USD:

Amazon 01

Timberline’ is the name of this alternative and is available for only 30,000 EUR/USD:

Amazon prefabricated house

This laminated log house is worth about 50,000 EUR / USD:

The prefabricated house of less than 10 thousand EUR/USD that sweeps on Amazon

Another laminated log house, this one for about 130,000 EUR/USD:

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What is your favorite Amazon home?

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