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How do you get your website to appear in the first search engines results?

With a very good digital strategy provided by agency!

Nowadays, with the immense sea of content on the web, making a website stand out and capture the desired attention represents a bit of a hassle. There are a number of elements that are extremely complex for those who are not specialized in digital marketing, or who have thorough knowledge on the subject. Luckily, there are very competent working groups that are in charge of offering these services with affordable solutions which are adjusted to the type of client and their needs. Today we´ll tell you about a group of professionals dedicated to these tasks: WEBFUT – DIGITAL STRATEGIES.


Es un grupo de especialistas en estrategias de branding, marketing digital y servicios web, que ponen toda su experticia en temas de diseño gráfico, redacción de contenidos en diferentes idiomas y desarrollo web, todo en función de posicionar tu negocio o idea de negocio, en el vasto y complejo mundo de la web.

Estudian tu propuesta y te brindan distintos paquetes que se adaptan a tu presupuesto y satisfacen tus necesidades. Una vez definidos y acordados todos los puntos y fases en los que se desarrollará tu proyecto, comenzarán a efectuar todas las estrategias web orientadas a lograr el resultado que deseas.

Services offered

They focus on 6 services to get an excellent position in search engines for your web, allowing the visibility of your platform to be the best. These are:

Web development, Professional graphic design, SEO strategies, Lead generation and management, E-mail marketing management, Network planning and management.

Web development

Regarding web development, they offer design and website creation, registration and management of domains, updating and increasing functionality, migration and web maintenance. Specialized management of plugins and inclusion of e-payment systems. The creation of responsive websites adapted to mobile devices and the translation of web content into the following languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Professional graphic design

Graphic design is a crucial point when implementing a market strategy. In this case the services are the establishment of a branding strategy. The design of the logo, landing page, business cards, newsletter, banner, computer graphics, digital animations and corporate presentations of all kinds.

SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are focused on optimizing your web environment to get it to appear in the first results of people looking for the kind of services you offer. They have SEO audit services, content strategy design, search and keyword report and Google Analytics. In addition, On/Off-Page optimization, Blog writing in 5 languages (Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and French), linkbuilding and backlinking strategies and text revision.

E-mail marketing management

They generate a solid e-mail marketing strategy that will allow interaction with your customers, significantly improving the reach and visibility of your products. The services offered in this section are the creation of such a strategy oriented to the objectives of your business. The creation of content and graphic design for e-mail marketing, sending and managing leads. Follow-up actions, newsletter design and measurement of results.

Generation and management of leads

A lead is a contact or record with the basic information of a potential customer, which has been the result of a campaign. The user fills out a form with his or her personal data to obtain some free information (e-book, a product catalog, access to certain content, etc). The group would be in charge of obtaining those leads that your business needs through digital strategies. They offer the creation of banners, e-books, manuals or valuable content to offer in exchange, ad-hoc portals for potential customers and the aforementioned advertising campaigns.

Network planning and management

Networks are a vital sales and business management channel, allowing you to maintain a close relationship and interaction with your current and future customers. In this case, the WEBFUT DIGITAL STRATEGIES team will establish which are the most appropriate social networks for your business model. The services you can hire in this aspect are for the design or updating of your visual strategy and the pillars of content according to business strategies. Identification and analysis of the competition, strategies to increase followers, campaign management, advertising and ads, as well as delivery and analysis of metrics and Community Manager service.

If you are in need of this type of guidance, orientation and/or services; do not hesitate and contact them by any of these means:

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Web Fut

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