Business ideas that will make you earn a lot of money with little investment

Business ideas that will make you earn a lot of money with little investment

A list of profitable businesses that you can start right away and require little investment

How many times have you wanted to start your own business and finally dedicate yourself to work in what you are so passionate about, but you don´t because you don´t have enough capital to start? That’s a crossroads we’ve all come across.

It is true that every business needs an investment and we have taken on the task of investigating some profitable business ideas that will allow you to make money with a lower initial outlay. However, these will demand a lot of talent, creativity, dedication, commitment and for you to study both the market and the competition.

Computer applications

With design and programming skills, creativity, organization and a little money to pay for the services needed to develop your application, you can start a business dedicated to the creation of computer applications. Among the variants you can find to make money with them, we have:

Free Apps

Don’t let the word “free” fool you. These free software applications are created with the aim of making you known while gaining users who realize the usefulness of the app and want to use it more often. Meanwhile, you provide a premium version that includes more features. Obviously these will be the best features and that’s where your profit is.

Selling Apps and Programs

You can use your free time to develop an organization software, games or phone applications and sell them. The best part of this is that you only have to do the app once, but you can sell it to several entities.

Working on projects

There are sites on the Internet (such as or that act as intermediaries between programmers and clients. The client sends a description of the job they need and the programmers send an offer, mentioning (among other things) the time they require to complete the job and its cost. After reviewing the bids, the client will choose the option he/she considers best.

Digital Publications (Blog)

This is a fairly easy way to generate income, although it is not fast. Obtaining readers, knowing how to reach them and gaining their trust will be a task that will require time, perseverance and dedication. The more followers and interactions you get, the greater the gain. Once you get a considerable and stable number of followers, you can start earning in other ways. Here we mention the most common ones:


It’s the easiest and fastest way, you only have to insert advertising blocks in your blog. This way, every time one of the users of your web environment clicks on one of them, you will receive the agreed payment.

Affiliate Marketing

It consists of generating traffic to product and service websites, through links that you provide to the user in your blog, taking a commission for each customer who makes a purchase.

Although these are the most known and used, it doesn’t mean that they are the only ways to monetize a website. There are others like:  CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising, private advertisers, your own products, offering your services promoting your company, through donations, and others which we won’t go into details, as they are more or less the same. In other words, it is based on making the most of your blog and the numerous visits generated to promote products or services, whether they are your own or those of a third person or company.

Crypto currencies

This is a rather controversial issue due to market volatility. There are stories of people who have become millionaires overnight, but also of others who have lost everything in seconds. Making money with cryptomonies seems too complicated, but it’s not really. Nowadays it is very simple and we´ll mention the two main ways through which you can do it:

Direct trade

This route is one of the least strenuous and most profitable, although we must warn you that it is very risky. All you need to do is to buy crypt coins at a low price and sell them when the market reaches its peak.


This is the most common way to obtain crypto-divisions using computer equipment to solve difficult mathematical puzzles.

Event photography and/or videos

If you are one of those people who enjoy taking pictures and making videos, this section is for you. There are many events ranging from large productions to private events (weddings, sweet sixteen parties, baptisms) that pay very well for these services. You can choose an area and specialize in it, and then start offering your services.

To make yourself known in this world you should promote yourself through social networks or by doing the events of family, friends or neighbors. You can add the bonus of using drones (unmanned aerial devices), both in photography and video. This device will be of great help to you and will bring originality and a special perspective to your work. If you already knew them, you have part of the work ahead of you, and if you have never used it, dare. After all, it’s all about letting go of your fears and excuses.

Home services

Home services are here to stay, nothing like being able to make a phone call and have everything you need brought to your door. We have all experienced the advantages of these modalities at some point, whether ordering food, clothing, shoes, etc. We will show you some variations in which you will be able to make incursions and make a secure profit.


If you have skills in hairdressing, makeup and skin care, this may be your best option. You can offer your services at home, this way you don’t have to invest in a place and you will earn extra money because your client won’t have to move from home. The more creativity you have, the better. This brings a great touch of originality to your work. As you grow in this area of business you can hire staff and set up your own beauty salon.

Massage and physiotherapy

A similar variation to the previous one is the service of massage and physical therapy at home. A business that without a doubt will always have a high level of demand. Just get out your accounts, with the increasingly long and intense workdays, people will need an alternative to relax body and soul. For this reason, if you have studied these disciplines previously and have a modest background, with only a portable table and the necessary products you can start your small business. With a little time, discipline, dedication and commitment, you will see how it begins to grow, you will have more clients, you will hire more staff and you could even open a salon.


If you love to cook and have been dreaming for some time with the idea of making your talent known and giving others the pleasure of tasting your dishes, this is the best time to do it.

The first thing you should do is think about what you are best at: creating modern, homemade, fitness, international, vegetarian or vegan dishes, pastries, etc. Second, get the working tools and ingredients you will need for the elaboration of each recipe and get to work. The rest is to send the order to your client’s home.

It is true that there are many businesses of this kind, but today we would like to recommend you homemade food; the market in this sense is not so saturated. Everything has been moving towards modernism in the kitchen and there is less competition for home-cooked food. In addition, many of us miss those delicious meals that our grandmothers or our mother used to prepare for us, but we don’t have the time or the talent to recreate them. That’s where you would come in, to relive those memories that we treasure with so much love.

Home repairs

This option is for all those who are great at repairing what others break. If you are a handyman, this section is for you. Home maintenance is often relegated to the bottom of the family’s priority list, small repairs accumulate until repair is imperative. Then, a professional is sought to do the job. This is where your business kicks in. The competition is fierce, but most ask for too high a salary for the work involved, and that’s where you should stand out: by offering them quality service for a fair price. Be careful though, it’s not just about charging less. You should not devalue your profession, you should only do the calculations and avoid putting an exaggerated profit on it. With time you will gain reputation and popularity, obtaining a greater demand of your services. Just remember what made you stand out in the first place, so you don’t lose everything you’ve gained.

Pet-oriented businesses

A trend that has gained thousands of followers is the concern of owners for furry members of the household: their pets. The market is demanding more and better products and services dedicated to them. The surveys reflect that the demand for these types of services will continue to increase on unimaginable scales, so we will show you some business variations for this aspect, which you will find interesting.

Pet Walk

The hectic pace of life that our society is experiencing has meant that we do not have the time to take a simple walk with our faithful companions and, unfortunately, our pets spend more time at home than they should. This causes them problems such as obesity and even depression due to lack of play and attention. For this reason, the demand for this service has increased.

Aesthetic care and repair

Continuing with the previous idea, if animals are really your thing, you can expand your services by adding hygiene, grooming, hairdressing and nail cutting. It has become commonplace to take our pets for a complete grooming, bathing with special pet shampoo, drying and cutting hair, cleaning teeth and finally cutting and filing the nails.

Pet Hotel

We can even go further, if you have extra space in your home, you can turn it into a small hotel for pets. Providing a safe and reliable option for all those owners who need to travel and can’t take them with them.

Products for pets

Nowadays, pets are considered family members and their owners try to give them all the comforts to be at home. They spoil them with toys, outfits (ranging from hair ornaments, dresses, suits, tiaras, shoes, etc.), accessories to transport them comfortably, beds and personalized feeders. In addition to special items for them such as toothpaste, shampoos, brushes, food and medicine.

As you can see, there are different business opportunities waiting for you. Our recommendation is that you always keep yourself informed and updated so that you can take advantage of every opportunity to the fullest. If you are considering some of these business ideas, let us know which one you choose.

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