Jobs that allow you to travel the world

Trabajos que permiten viajar por el mundo

Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom that travel gives us, but we must work to obtain the necessary resources. However, there are exciting jobs that generate enough money to travel the world.

With new technologies, every day interesting ways of generating income arise that give you the necessary freedom to travel, and without doing it for a third party, or without depending on a fixed salary.

In fact, there are already options that can generate five or six figures in a matter of months, as long as you know how to leverage them to your maximum benefit.

So, you no longer have to stay in the same city with a fixed job to take that trip you dream of; you just have to act smart.

Jobs to travel the world

We’ll tell you about remote jobs that would allow you to travel the world while you work.

These cost-effective jobs give you the possibility to do them as a freelancer, so they would not hinder your travel schedules or travel plans.

1. Create and manage a niche blog

The first job that allows you to travel while generating income is managing a niche blog. This can be a lot of fun and very profitable, you just have to learn to manage your time between your work and your travels.

Creating a blog from scratch is also a good idea to achieve your financial freedom, since you don’t need to go back to school or outsource the services of a third party.

Besides, you don’t have to worry about its programming, since there are many digital and technological tools that allow you to manage your blog easily.

2. Work as a copywriter

Just as the world has changed with technology, so has the advertising market and new professions have emerged, such as Copywriting.

This work focuses on creating advertising copy that attracts people to buy certain products or services.

Previously, there were no formal studies on the subject. However, you can already take courses about digital marketing and copys.

With a lot of effort and perseverance you can position yourself and work with big brands or companies. In this way you will be able to earn a good income that will allow you to travel. In addition, you can work comfortably from your laptop anywhere.

3. Strategist specialized in social networks

Working with social networks is another profitable job that gives you the freedom to travel and work at the same time.

In this area, designing social media strategies for brands to achieve interaction with the public is a remote job that generates good income.

The digital world is constantly changing, which is why the strategist’s job is so significant. So, if you are passionate about social media, this could be your dream job.

With the growth of TikTok, many have specialized as consultants for this social network. In addition, its demand has increased in the beauty, music and entertainment industries.

You can specialize in this network, to help brands achieve their goals through interesting and innovative strategies, and thus achieve financial independence for travel.

4. Freelance copywriter

One job that has flourished during 2021 is that of copywriters. The pandemic led millions of companies and businesses to migrate to the digital environment, generating a high demand for texts.

That is why being a freelance copywriter is a very attractive alternative to generate money.

In addition, the field of work is quite broad. You can create from infoproducts such as ebooks, to informative articles for blogs or websites. There are many options for writing content that is amenable to monetization.

5. Online language instructor

If you have studied languages formally and have certificates, then you might consider working as an online instructor.

But when we refer to “online” we are not talking about a virtual platform or academy, but the new space that social networks have created. Here you have endless possibilities to generate lucrative income without being accountable to anyone.

If you are still not convinced, take a walk through networks such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube or Twitch.

You will realize that there are a lot of instructors who are taking advantage of their potential and thus attracting clients.

In order to position yourself as an instructor on social media, you must focus on building your communities, as well as building a good online reputation. Little by little you will see how your content monetizes.

6. Work as a mobile application developer

Whether on Google Play or the Apple Store, there are millions of mobile apps that make our lives easier. This is why creating an app is an excellent market to generate self-employment income.

This is why this remote job has become one of the best ways to earn money and travel the world at the same time.

Creating and programming applications can become your ideal job to earn good income and position yourself in business.

7. Get into the Dropshipping business.

If instead your best skill is selling, then Dropshipping is an ideal business model for you.

This digital work has changed the lives of many entrepreneurs in recent years. Since you only have to sell the products of a third party, but without investing your money in their merchandise and not worrying about the logistics of the business.

Amazon and Shopify have become major providers of Drosphipping. These sales websites provide you with this service so that you only have to promote and sell the product.

To enter this market you only need to have a blog or a page to promote the products and take advantage of earning extra money.

8. Offers financial consulting

During the pandemic, online financial consulting services have been in high demand.

If your area of work is economics and finance, then you could take advantage of the momentum and start attracting business clients. At this time there are many people interested in making investments, buying properties or liquidating assets.

So, if you have experience or knowledge in these areas and you handle online tools very well, take advantage of the cards in your favor to generate income that will allow you to travel.

Work at your own pace as you travel the world:

The biggest benefit of these 8 jobs is that you can do them from anywhere, and do them at your own pace.

This means having the freedom to travel the world without limitations or worries of any kind.

You just have to identify which one you are most passionate about, as well as which one best exploits your skills, knowledge and expertise.