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FF:SEO provides a long list of services to help your business succeed. We focus on increasing your exposure, and you can focus on honing your business and serving your customers. We can increase your traffic and exposure with a competitive SEO plan.

Top of Google Ranking

Most people searching for a business or service on the Internet will only consider organic search results in the top five spots on Google, Bing or Yahoo. That’s why reaching the top is so important for gaining new customers and growing your business. We use a time-tested formula to increase our clients’ online exposure, concentrating on content, relevancy and popularity.


We offer consulting to businesses wanting to analyze their current Internet marketing strategy. FF:SEO can help you determine how your current SEO efforts are working, how to increase web traffic without costing you loads in advertising dollars, how to improve your Google Adwords campaign and how to decipher a drop on Google search rankings. We will take your concerns into consideration and research those concerns. FF:SEO will then deliver a thorough analysis of the issues you’re facing as well as actionable results to correct your problems.

SEO Coaching

While our blog provides a large amount of information on good SEO practices, we can’t share all of our SEO secrets there. FF:SEO offers SEO coaching to give you the tools you need to climb the Google results page. We meticulously follow Google’s algorithm changes and search engine trends to make sure his clients receive competitive and timely SEO coaching.

Content Development

Our content team creates relevant, effective copy to engage your online viewers. Our copywriters can research and communicate any subject with effectiveness and ease. Since Google loves sites that frequently provide fresh content, we take that burden off you and create dynamic content for you, with an emphasis on timeliness and industry expertise. Our copywriters work closely with you to develop content that will educate your readers and raise your Google ranking.

Website Management

At FF:SEO we offer certain services to help you maintain your website. Our SEO clients can receive free web hosting, providing powerful servers and a user-friendly control panel. Our team can also handle your website’s regular updates so you can keep doing what you do best – managing your business.

Google+ Local

You might know Google+ Local as Google Places or Google Maps. It’s now officially Google+ Local, though its function is the same. Google+ Local lets local customers find you organically and it gives them your business name, phone number and address. You may have noticed search results with addresses and pins listed with A, B, C, D, and so on. Next to the results, a convenient map shows users where each business is located. A top spot on Google doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a top spot on Google+ Local. Depending on your business, they’re both very important to your audience. We can help you navigate the Google+ Local waters.

Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO and web SEO have subtle differences. First, mobile searches may be using different search engines. Consumers with smart phones may be using different search apps, including well known engines such as Safari, Yahoo! and Google as well as lesser known apps such as 360 Web Browser, Puffin and Apollo. We can get your site ready for Google, the search engine giant, as well as mobile browsers so your site can rank highly across all platforms.

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