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At FLIN & ASSOCIATES  we raise funds online for different non-profit causes (environmental, animal, children, disease awareness and treatment…) and projects of all kinds (educational, business projects…).

Donations and Fundraising


Why is it important to donate money?


Have you ever wondered why it is important to donate money to social causes or non-profit projects?


All projects need resources to be implemented. Ideally, each initiative should have funds allocated to it from its early stages or even before it is launched, and these funds should help to meet the objectives set by those responsible for it.


However, this is not always possible. Sometimes the requirements of the projects exceed the costs estimated at the beginning and new resources are indispensable. In other cases, especially when humanitarian emergencies occur, new efforts in that direction are needed.



The alternative is to donate money


Fortunately, there is an alternative to donate money for these causes; an action that year after year gains more followers in the world and that demonstrates that solidarity, altruism and empathy are current and very much-needed values.


Donations are a fundamental element in many projects, especially if the resources allocated for them or the institutional contributions do not manage to cover the needs that have driven them.


A donation is a contribution, generally individual, that seeks to boost and fuel initiatives of any kind. Those who make donations understand the importance of the work being done and therefore decide to donate money. Among the most significant reasons for this type of action, these two out:


A: Social commitment. Thousands of people make the decision to donate money to reinforce their social commitment. They recognize the existence of a problem or a lack in their environment that needs to be solved and they mobilize and act to achieve it.


B: Personal satisfaction. Feeling good about oneself is also another common reason for donating money. Or rather, the fact of knowing that somehow, we are helping to solve problems in the environment in which we operate and that we are mitigating their adverse effects.

Below we show you the projects for which FLIN & ASSOCIATES  currently collects donations. We guarantee that 100% of the donations are for the respective organizations!



According to the NGO Red de Apoyo Canino, it is estimated that there are one million dogs on the streets of Venezuela (2017). Pet abandonment represents one of the hardest faces of the current economic crisis.


Patitas Final Feliz (Paws for a Happy Ending) is a shelter located in El Guapo, Miranda State, where there are 17 dogs and 2 cats. It is a project that arises from the initiative of 7 Venezuelan women from Caracas who found with much effort a way to get these little animals off the streets. The great majority of these animals were at risk of being poisoned because they were wandering in common areas of residential zones in the capital.


Under the care of Mrs. Petra and with an impeccable logistic organization from Caracas, these furry little animals receive their daily food and have enough space to run and play. Patitas Final Feliz Foundation also serves as a source of employment for the family that cares for them, who earn a salary for such work.


Through social networks, we help to spread information about dogs and cats in the street all over Venezuela, and we can proudly say that we have successfully adopted many homeless animals.


However, resources are scarce and sometimes it´s very hard to cover emergency veterinary expenses to attend new cases, medicines, food plates, cleaning products for the shelter and maintenance expenses of the land.


Any donation is welcome and will be infinitely appreciated!


You can track and monitor the work of Patitas Final Feliz on your Instagram account: @patitasfinalfeliz


If you donate money to the shelter or adopt an animal, and you agree to do so, you will be mentioned in the organization’s Instagram channel with a photo as a small thank you 🙂

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Donation Total: €100



O2TERRA is a private initiative open to society that is dedicated to saving the native trees and virgin forests of our common planet, “Earth”, in order to contribute to the conservation and protection of the environment.


With the funds collected, mainly land is bought, where there are already centennial trees, which in one way or another would be cut down. Also, new trees are planted to create areas of forest, which will be the best protection of our natural environment.


The forest areas have a wide variety of uses for humans, including timber, animal nutrition, grazing, recreation, medicinal uses and much more. Planting trees is the best instrument acting as a lung and becoming an outlet for CO2.


O2TERRA owns land and forests in the northern and southern hemispheres. This ensures the rotation of oxygen from trees in the south to the north and vice versa. With an approximation of four and a half million trees and an extension of more than 4,000 hectares in property and about 5,000 hectares in possession.


In the northern hemisphere there are forests in Asturias (Spain), a place where it is ideal for the growth of many varieties of trees in cold and temperate climates, due to its climate and great abundance of water. There you can find centennial trees native to the place and real factories of oxygen.


In the southern hemisphere there are jungles and forests in the center and north of Argentina, ideal places for the growth of all kinds of trees. There you can find trees up to five hundred years old, saved by the purchase system by O2 TERRA before the felling.


The initiative was born out of the need to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions that are increasing every day on the planet. To reduce it, what fights it, oxygen, must be manufactured, and these factories are the trees.


The production of CO2 in the southern hemisphere affects the north and vice versa. Therefore, O2 must be produced in the south and in the north so that it rotates in our beloved land.


The change of temperature, within the same week, is an obvious symptom that the climate is not regular, it is not right. Regardless of whether the temperature will rise or fall in the coming years, the evidence is that in all parts of the planet, we notice cycles of a week or so of abnormal drops or rises in temperature, torrential water not normal and in places not used to it. We cannot recover that normality, but we can contribute to that recovery if it is possible.


Another great work of O2TERRA is to save the virgin areas that are about to be lost. For that reason, some have been saved, but economic help is needed to be able to buy the land and thus prevent the cutting down of those cathedrals of nature, some in real danger of extinction.



Why should I help?


Because it is the most cost-effective way for you to offset your carbon dioxide emissions. You’re not just making oxygen from your tree. You are also fattening your money, producing a profitability that no fund or bank in the whole world produces for you, because you are free to stop paying when you want and that money will not have been lost.


If we don’t do it ourselves, we can’t save the planet and its beautiful ecosystem.





If your tree suffers a disease or a loss for various reasons, it will be replaced by another one with similar characteristics. That new tree will be called with the name that you had designated to the previous one.


You will be able to enjoy your tree in situ, whenever you want…, and to spend pleasant moments in the shade of your beautiful tree or own forest.



There are two possibilities to participate and each one will take less than two minutes of your time:


Option 1 – Make a direct donation:  You can donate any amount you consider appropriate (even 10 euros), either in one payment or periodically, and help save the native trees and virgin forests of our planet.


Option 2 – Sponsor a tree:  You can sponsor one or several trees for yourself, for your company, family or as a gift for your friends. For the sponsorship, any amount of money from 250 euros per tree is welcome and you will enjoy the visits to the forest that you want to make. You only have to pay once, you do NOT have to make any more payments or renewals. You have to know that the wood alone of a tree is already worth the same or – depending on the size – even more than that 250 EUR/$. Each tree will be for life and in case the land where it is located will no longer be in O2TERRA’s domain, you will be able to do what you want with that tree, donate it or sell it to the new owners of the land. In the fruit and wood production trees, you will pick the fruit when you want. When you fill out the donation form, you can indicate in the “comment” field the name and surname (or company name) of the future owner. To choose the place and type of tree, we can advise you, according to the production of oxygen and according to the economic profitability that you want to recover. At the moment you have chosen the type of tree, your tree will be given a name (name you can choose) and it will be this name, unrepeatable in all O2TERRA forests, that will serve as identification when you contact the O2TERRA team. Once we receive and manage your request, we will send you a personal certificate by email with photo, coordinates, planted species and exact location of the plantation.



Can I participate in O2TERRA in another way without having sponsored trees?


Yes, you can participate with a small donation and the moment you make the payment through the donation form, you will become part of the oxygen generating population and from that moment on you will be able to turn on the car or the light switch with a little less remorse of conscience for emitting the carbon dioxide that causes global warming. It’s that easy!

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Donation Total: €25

We will soon introduce you to more non-profit causes and projects of all kinds!


IMPORTANT: We have established the EURO as the standard donation currency. If your usual currency is another one (USD, GBP…) you can still donate in EURO and when you click on “pay”, PayPal will automatically calculate the amount in your usual currency. Currently, 1 EUR is equivalent to 1.10 USD or 0.90 GBP. You don’t need a PayPal account to use this payment system. You can make your donation with any bank card or bank account in the world.

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    Deduction for donations

    Tax benefits for helping others:


    Donating money not only allows you to help many people, but also has important tax advantages whether you donate as an individual or through a company.


    If you donate to a charity, you can benefit from important deductions in the quota and recover up to 75% of the contribution.


    To obtain this deduction, make the donation and request a certificate of the donation made during the year and include the data in your tax return.